New poll results reveal Queen’s possible fate

A new poll carried out by New Zealand Republic has revealed the majority of New Zealanders would prefer to do away
A new poll has shown how New Zealanders would prefer to do away with being ruled by the British monarchy

A new poll carried out by New Zealand Republic has revealed the majority of New Zealanders would prefer to do away with being ruled by the British monarchy and to have an independent head of state instead.

The poll showed 59 per cent of people voted in favour of having an independent head of state, while 34 per cent of people said they would prefer to keep the monarchy when the next head of state is named.

The poll shows an increase in favour of independent rule since March 2014, when 47 per cent of people said they would not keep the monarchy.

Peter Hamilton, chair of New Zealand Republic and the former deputy secretary of foreign affairs and trade said he believed Brexit, the flag debate and the Queen’s age had contributed to the outcome of the vote, Stuff reported.

But Dr Sean Palmer, chair of the organisation Monarchy New Zealand, questioned the result.

The group polled 1,000 people over the age of 18 and were asked: “What is your preference for New Zealand’s next head of state?”.

Of the 59 per cent of people who voted for an independent head of state, 44 per cent of people said they wanted one directly elected, while 15 per cent said they would be happy for the country’s next representative to be parliamentary elected, reports The Independent.

Dr Sean Palmer highlighted that the votes of these two groups had been added together “despite the fact that those two groups may not see eye to eye on anything”.

He told the New Zealand Herald: “They lump them together and declare a great victory.”

Is 1,000 people really enough to make such a decision? Would you ever want to see this happen in Australia?

  1. Jennifer Dickson  

    Heck no. Looking at who has been elected as OUR representatives scares me enough without seeing what a vote on President would come up with.

  2. The Republicans in our midst are “full of it” every chance they get, however it is noticeable that NONE of them have proposed a suitable method of choosing an alternative to the Queen. Regardless of their country, politicians are a self-seeking lot. If they don’t go in with their own futures in mine, then inevitably this happens as they are forced to toe the party line.

    I see no reason to get rid of the Queen – and this is NOT going to happen in her lifetime, albeit not much longer in the scheme of things – UNTIL someone comes up with a plan for appointing the next head of Australia in place of the Queen. So far, self-seeking politicians of some 30 years standing would all be in line for the position – JOBS FOR THE BOYS! will be the standard, who owes whom and who knows where the bodies are buried.

    • I agree. The Queen generates revenue wherever she goes. She is a charming gracious lady. Keep her and her offspring when she is no longer with us as head of state. A President or equivalent would cost the country a lot more money than what the politicians do.

  3. Lorraine Simmonds  

    This is news to us….. No one asked us. Leave things as they are. Look at all the hassles we have voting in Primeministers ! Presidents, etc no one would ever agree . If it’s not broken. Don’t fix it.

  4. Nancy Brenton  

    I couldn’t agree more Diana Hockley – some people like change for changes sake but don’t think of the consequences. Okay the sky wouldn’t fall in but if it’s not broken leave it alone!

  5. Don Lerwiis  

    Show me a Republic that is not third world and has not had civil unrest.

  6. Stephen  

    A Plebiscite, let’s hold a Plebiscite, then no one really has to make a decision; just keep us in the Commonwealth Games!

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