Michelle Obama stuns in strapless white dress

Michelle Obama isn’t afraid to push the style boundaries when it comes to First Lady fashion, often choosing bright, bold

Michelle Obama isn’t afraid to push the style boundaries when it comes to First Lady fashion, often choosing bright, bold and colourful looks to compliment her figure.

Her latest look held back on the colour, but certainly brought the wow factor with a gorgeous strapless gown that could be her best look yet.

Michelle was attending a state dinner with her husband Barack where the pair hosted the Singaporean prime minister and his wife.

The foursome seemed to get along extremely well, laughing and joking throughout the night.

A number of diplomats and celebrities also attended, but no one could take the limelight from Michelle who stole the show with her beautiful dress.

Later, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong gave a speech where he poked fun at the rumours started by Donald Trump years ago that Barack was born in Africa, not Hawaii.

“To mark the 50th anniversary of our relations, Singapore has named an orchid hybrid in honour of President and Mrs. Obama,” Mr Lee said.

“And this is a hybrid of breeds native to Singapore and Hawaii, where the president was born – most of us believe,” he added to laughter.

“We think it’s a fitting tribute to America’s first Pacific President and a beautiful symbol of the flourishing ties between our countries.”

Earlier in the day, Michelle wore a bright yellow lace dress at a press conference with her husband and their guests.


Do you like Michelle Obama’s dress? Are you a fan of her style?

  1. Chris  

    Don’t really like it, don’t think it is very flattering. Considering that money is no object I think her stylist does a good job but she doesn’t always look classy.

  2. Ailsa  

    Not a great look. Strapless dresses are very unflattering on most people, and even worse when the colour contrasts the skin like this one does.

  3. Margaret Wilson  

    I think she looks gorgeous, love the color against her skin.

    • Lorraine Davidson  

      I think she looks lovely too Margaret

  4. Janet Sheen  

    Makes her look big in the shoulders…not flattering at all.

  5. Mickyfinn  

    She could really rock this cream dress if she wore her hair down. Love LOVE the yellow number and hair do combo though!

  6. Gail Browning  

    I don’t like it at all it makes her look wide and don’t like strapless dresses. I have seen her looking much more glamorous in other outfits than this one.

  7. Sandra Tanner  

    I think the dress is lovely but would’ve preferred her hair down!

  8. Vicki Hooper  

    Much prefer the yellow dress and hair down .But if the lady likes it and feels comfortable who are we to judge ..She doesn’t tell us what to wear

    • Jan  

      Exactly the wording I would have chosen x

  9. Lynette  

    If the white one had the same top half as the yellow one I think it would’ve looked very nice and she suits her hair down more than up and tight

  10. Dorothy Sleightholme  

    I think she is beautiful inside and out. They are very well suited.

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