Mariah Carey wears her underwear out… again

Mariah Carey isn’t afraid to draw attention to herself with a risky outfit and her latest outfit choice proves just

Mariah Carey isn’t afraid to draw attention to herself with a risky outfit and her latest outfit choice proves just that!

The singer hit the town with her Aussie fiancé James Packer in nothing more than fishnet tights, a black nightie and heels.

While Mariah was dressed to impress, James looked decidedly daggy next to her in track pants and sneakers.

#MariahCarey & #JamesPacker em Capri + fotos:

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The look is just the latest in a series of revealing get ups for Mariah, who has been showing off what the good Lord gave her with all the energy she can muster.

She has posted a series of outfits to her Instagram page – each more revealing than the last.

At 46, she seems to be loving her new sense of style and her partner, with James regularly appearing in the photos with her.

Pon de boat ⚓️⚓️⚓️

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Nights at southside are the best #southside

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Oooooooh that might be pow!!

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Only a couple of weeks ago Mariah hit the red carpet in her most daring look yet, wearing a lacy corset, thigh-high stockings and not much else!

While some have praised her new look, others say they’d rather she put her clothes back on and leave the undergarments to the bedroom.

“Put some clothes on, please,” wrote one commenter.

“No taste what so ever….with her money and figure, she could have rocked it, but instead she mocked it!!” said another.

What do you think? Is Mariah looking good? Or, should she cover up?

  1. SusanRobl  

    I think she looks like a slut no class!

    • Donald trump  

      She is a flat out ho scank & Just still needs attention oh well guess you can buy attention lol

  2. Suzanne  

    Needs to get over her self she is a mother and single mom and her babies should come first not her ego 😱😱😱😱😱😱

  3. Marilyn budden  

    What is she thinking. Even if she had a good figure no one wears there underwear outside even night walkers wear more.
    It doesn’t even look good just trashy

  4. Chris  

    She’s a ‘ho’ and she flaunts it.

  5. Maree McPherson  

    You need to dress more sofisticated. You think you look sexy but you are just making yourself look so cheap. You are a mother you need to dress accordingly…your children should look up to you not be embarrassed by the way you dress.

  6. Ok she looks marvellous for her age but will someone please call the fashion police? She’s making a fool of herself

  7. middle aged lady – desperate to stay young, instead she just looks really trashy and cheap.

  8. Royce R. Baucke  

    Looking very “TACKY” there Mariah…..

  9. Is this … Starts at 60 … a place where we … the over 60s … come for wisdom, some laughs and items of importance to us at this time in our life? I love Mariah Carey and true, some of her outfits are questionable but for heavens sake, most of these comments are pretty tacky as well. Coming from people of a mature age the words “ho” and “slut” are surprising and really quite unnecessary.

  10. Margaret webb  

    Money doesn’t buy class..

  11. Alex  

    Girrrl has got to put some clothes on!

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