Mariah Carey releases ‘cringe-worthy’ preview of her new acting gig

Mariah Carey is a very busy lady these days. Not only is she gearing up for the release of her

Mariah Carey is a very busy lady these days. Not only is she gearing up for the release of her new reality show, but she has guest-starred on one of the most popular shows in America.

The singer shared a preview of her performance on social media and was quickly inundated with messages. While her fans were loving it, others weren’t so sure…

“God, this is the definition of cringeworthy!” said one commenter.

“Oh wow… that’s all I can say…” wrote another.

The show is called ‘Empire’ and it’s one of the most popular dramas in America and the world right now. It follows the lives of a family fighting for control of their music label, Empire Entertainment.

The show has had a number of guest stars, including Cuba Gooding Jr, Mary J Blige and Rosie O’Donnell and the anticipation around Mariah’s appearance has been building.

Mariah has acted before and won worldwide acclaim for her role in the 2009 movie ‘Precious’. Since then however she’s mostly stuck to make a musical comeback and forging her relationship with Aussie billionaire James Packer.

While she copped some criticism though, her fans seem to think it’s great!

“Your voice is velvet like beautiful rose,” said one.

“You look amazing! Great work,” declared another.

Take a look and tell us what you think…

Here's a sneak peek of my appearance on #Empire, airing on Wednesday and featuring #Infamous with @jussiesmollett!

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Are you a fan of Mariah’s? Do you think actors and singer should stick to one genre?

  1. Serena  

    If we had never heard of her, and this was her debut, I wouldnt rate this.

  2. Primrose  

    Mariah did an amazing job. Both of their voices compilate each other and you can tell her iconic, sultry voice is making a come back. It’s not meant to be a number one but I can’t wait until her next album comes out, she’s gonna kill it! This song is fantastic!

  3. Kate  

    Her voice sounds pushed and its very stuccato … eek

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  5. Kristy  

    I really wish Marian would just stick to singing because that’s what she’s good at. I think her acting is terrible, its like jlo I love herovies but she’s not a singer. Marian makes the same faces in every movie she always sounds like she’s reading right from the script, she stinks at acting!!

  6. Jodi Zwerner  

    She is classy and interesting.

  7. Deborah  

    Just as cringeworthy as I expected. And “Empire” is contrived crap.

  8. sarah  

    Her fans love the fact she breathes, they are not the litmus test for quality. Lambs essentially have no ability to the critique Mariah and her ‘fabulous dahhling’ routine she plays. The acting was wooden and embarrassing. Stick to Vegas and the ride on jet ski.

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