Lovely photos: The Royals go to Sunday mass as a family

It was quite a sight: the Royals on a rare family outing to Sunday mass! The service was held at

It was quite a sight: the Royals on a rare family outing to Sunday mass!

The service was held at the Sandringham estate, and many well-wishers came along to see the Royal family in all their Sunday best.

Duchess Kate was wearing a dark ensemble and stopped to talk to the crowd. She was accompanied by Prince William for the traditional post-Christmas ceremony but the bubs were nowhere to be seen.

Prince Charles, Prince Harry and Prince Philip, were also seen making their way to the church in fine suits, but it was perhaps the Queen the crowd was most excited to get a glimpse of – and it was a brief one. Her Majesty hopped out of the car and was escorted to the entrance swiftly.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s boots were a talking point amongst the females in the waiting crowd: she’s worn them a few times before.

Zara Phillips, with her husband Mike Tindall, were also there, as was Princess Anne.

The Daily Mail reports security was tight for the royal outing with many police officers seen checking bags and all members of the public were throughly searched before being allowed into the church grounds.

Take a look at the photos below:


  1. If they weren’t Poms, Id actually feel sorry for them. Who’d want their lives? Not me, thats for sure. lol

  2. As head of the Church of England the Queen would possibly going to communion but not to mass unless things have changed radically in her church!

  3. hmmm should check your facts first methinks, Catholics go to Mass, not Anglicans

  4. Apart from the nonsense about mass…why is your post headed with a photo that was obviously not taken this Christmas weekend ?

    • Hi Janice D’Ambra we aren’t able to use the other images as they are copyright. Thanks 🙂

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