Little Prince George already has his career all figured out

Most of us remember dreaming about what we would be when we grew up… A fireman, a doctor, an astronaut,

Most of us remember dreaming about what we would be when we grew up… A fireman, a doctor, an astronaut, a teacher… and the third in line to the thrown Prince George is proving he’s no different.

His mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, attended a military event for the Royal Air Force Air Cadets at the weekend where she spoke candidly about her eldest’s aspirations.

It turns out the young prince wants to be just like his father when he grows up and fly as a pilot for the military. Prince William is an ambulance pilot with the military and flies helicopters to emergency scenes.

Kate took the time to chat with the cadets and other military personnel and told them she had shown George a picture of the Spitfire fighter planes after a royal engagement, reports People.

Kate reportedly told 19-year -old cadet Lucinda Conder that George was hooked from the moment he saw the photo, saying: “He is now obsessed with the air cadets and wants to join”.

No doubt Prince William will be thrilled his son wants to follow in his footsteps and serve his country in such an admirable way.

If only we were all as certain about the future as George!

What do you think about George’s career aspirations? What did you want to be when you grew up?

  1. I grew up in an army camp with the sound of Spitfires droning overhead all day,and that’s all I wanted to be,a fighter pilot! Still would love to!

  2. Am I correct in thinking Prince William is a helicopter pilot and not a fighter pilot? There is a big difference.

  3. Maggie  

    He is not yet 3 for Gods sake. What rubbish!!

  4. He’s 3, next week he’ll want to be a fireman and the week after a truck driver, lets hope his speech is clearer than my grandson and he can pronounce truck properly I don’t think his great grandmother would be amused!!

    • Sandy my son couldn’t say “truck” properly either…the letter “f” was used instead of “th” it could be embrassing if we in a store that had toy trucks for sale…

    • Cate  

      Sandy Garry Williamson; that was one of the first pieces of advice my father in law gave. ‘Teach your kids to say lorry to avoid mispronunciation of truck. Tried but failed; it is a common trait in little children!

    • My son-in-law pronounced truck in that rather interesting way, we are told… so now, naturally, that is what we call them… 🙂 Glad of that “R” in the word.

  5. Doesnt matter what He wants , his life is already being planned for him by others !!!

  6. Sandy I remember when my daughter was learning to say some words and we soon felt like we had to cancel the word truck and go for lorry in its place……

  7. Leonie Loman  

    Give the kid a break, how does he know what he wants at his age, he won’t have a choice anyway!

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