Lisa Wilkinson’s husband shares the truth about their marriage

Anyone who is, or has been, married knows that it’s not all peaches and cream 365 days a year. Marriage

Anyone who is, or has been, married knows that it’s not all peaches and cream 365 days a year.

Marriage can be tough, and it seems no one knows that better than Today show host Lisa Wilkinson and her husband Peter FitzSimons.

Peter has spoken openly about their relationship and about how some days are most definitely worse than others.

“We have 50 blissful days. 300 pretty good days. And 15 shockers,” Peter told podcast ‘No Filter’.

“But as we’ve got older … 15 shockers are now down to three shockers [a year],” he said.

“This is probably too much information,” the 54-year-old said several times in various iterations during the candid interview.

“I don’t think I was ever a bad drunk, but I didn’t mind a few wines. Now 18 months ago I just decided I’ll stop drinking … now curiously [that’s when the shockers got down to three].

“Again without going too hard into it, but I would say we don’t have a hallmark greeting card relationship. We’ve got a bloody good relationship, though and we enjoy each other,” he said.

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Peter said he often thinks back to the relationship advice his brother gave him.

“[He said] a good relationship has to be like peeling an onion. You never want to get to the centre of the onion and understand this person … I still don’t understand this person,” he said, with a laugh.

Peter’s honesty has been met with a largely positive reaction with many people praising him for his openness about the realities of married life.

Some people said they were sick of hearing celebrities talk about their lives as if everything was perfect and said it was refreshing to hear that at least one celebrity couple faces the same sorts of marital problems they do.

Lisa and Peter had a famously fast courtship, with the couple becoming engaged after only three months of dating.

They had a baby on the way three months after they wed and have now been married with three children for 25 years.

Can you relate to Peter’s honesty about marriage?

Do you find marriage is a mix of good days and bad? How long have you been married for?

  1. Gai Duff  

    I think yourself and Lisa are typical married couple because I believe not everything can be PERFECT all the time all marriages have its ups and downs that’s the reason you are still together with your beautiful family .We have to work on our marriage every day .Thanks Peter for your honesty.

  2. Yep they have a normal marriage just like we all have I was married for 22 years but once all the kids had lives of their own there was nothing left in mine. No communication was the main cause, and that is why I told my children “never stop talking” and to make time for each other. I honestly think a lack of communication is the main cause of breakdowns in relationships. And Peter was so open about having the same life as most married couples have. Life cannot run smoothly all the time But do not let life get in the way of LIVING.

    • Lynne Highfield  

      Totally agree with you here. I truly believe communication to be the most important factor in making a happy marriage. It’s unfortunate that so many men of our era lack communicative powers without even knowing it.

  3. [email protected]  

    I meant my wife in June 1972, married 4 months later. Still going strong, with 5 children, all Uni grads, with great jobs, 12 grandchildren 6 girls & 6 boys, number 13 due in August, the tie breaker..

  4. Dianne  

    We have been married for 49 years today! I think Peter and Lisa’s marriage is typical of most couples. 15 shockers wasnt too bad.

    • Lynne  

      We had our 47th Wedding Anniversary yesterday 29 March. “It has been perfect because it had not always been perfect”. Veer happy as we enter retirement.

  5. helen Young  

    Lisa is wonderful to watch and listen to on TV and (in my opinion) deserves a medal for putting up with her husband’s head bandanas. I can only think he looks worse without them.
    Their daughter looks beautiful in that photo btw!!!

    • Pamela Langford  

      Helen your comment about the bandanas made me chuckle. I think this photo of the family is beautiful.

    • Pamela Langford  

      Helen your comment about the bandanas made me chuckle. I think this photo of the family is beautiful.

  6. Lyn  

    Good on Peter for speaking the truth that most people who have been married for more than a couple of years know. We seem to either get sold romantic myths about relationships and marriage or told horror stories. The truth lies somewhere in between.
    The relationships that survive are the ones where the partners are mature enough to recognise that their partner, and they themselves, are human beings and are capable of contributing to good, bad and brilliant days. And they are people who can truly forgive and keep loving (not to be confused with ‘being in love’).

  7. J.Loehr  

    my husband and i were together for 52 years almost mariade for 50 he died some b4 it came about, our mariage was colourfull never a dull moment and i would not chance it even if i could but we did love each other and i still miss him

  8. John Bennett  

    A perfect marriage is not one with no issues, it’s one where the issues are dealt with. On that basis they have a perfect marriage, and good on them.

  9. I was the same as Lisa met engaged within three months married nine months later fell pregnant three months after marriage have been married forty eight years still have my hubby still love him but it now is more about companionship would I do it again? If I had my life to live over again I would not rush into marriage so quickly a ring doesn’t make someone stay with you

  10. Sally Ronaldson  

    Good on You Peter for speaking out, we are not in Hollywood! It’s day in, day out and takes a lot of work:) congrats on the 25 year milestone and may you be happy in the next 25 as well

  11. Annette Gray  

    42 years this year. Alcohol also played a part in our marriage, and I must say, our story is very similar to Lisa and Peters life! We also have 3 kids, now aged 40, 37 & 33. 6 grandkids later, we’re still hangin in there! Sometimes just!

  12. Carol Jenkins  

    Martyn and I were married for thirty-eight years.We definateley had good times and very bad times. Over the last ten years of our marriage I was his carer. He has been gone for six years and I still consider that I am married, he is just waiting for me a little way off.
    Life would be so awful if everything went the way we expect or would want it to be.That is the spice in our lives.

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