Kerri-Anne Kennerley wears taboo dress on the red carpet

Remember all those rules you mother used to tell you about what you could wear? Never wear anything above the

Remember all those rules you mother used to tell you about what you could wear?

Never wear anything above the knee when you’re over a certain age and never ever let anyone see your bra!

Well Kerri-Anne Kennerley just broke every single one of those rules and she looked great doing it!

The 62-year-old star was attending the premier of the new Aladdin musical at Sydney’s Capitol Theatre when she strode onto the red carpet in her light pink bandage dress.

Despite the chilly night, Kerri-Anne flashed the world a peek of her bra under the sheer part of her dress and still managed to look every bit the classy woman she is.

Smiling happily as she posed for photos she definitely gave her much younger red carpet co-stars a run for their money.

It was a fun and relaxing night out for Kerri-Anne who has been caring around the clock for her husband John after he suffered a fall at a golf course earlier this year.

For many weeks, people feared the worst with John laying in a coma due to his horrific spinal injuries.

Now he’s back home safely with Kerri-Anne looking after him night and day.

Taking the night off, it looks like Kerri-Anne decided to go all out in the fashion stakes and she’s certainly winning plenty of praise for it.

Do you like Kerri-Anne’s dress? Would you ever wear something similar?

  1. Adelaide wiley  

    She looks absolutely stunning, what has age got to do with it?????

  2. [email protected]  

    Stunning and I agree with Adelaide WHAT HAS AGE GOT TO DO WITH IT?????????
    The media at it again, leave Kerri-anne alone.

  3. Yvonne  

    She pulled it off beautifully…go girl

    • Jeanette Fullwoodl  

      She is a beautiful woman who is dressed most appropriately for the occasion and looks absolutely stunning! Well done Kerrie-Anne.

  4. I think she looking gorgeous everytime I saw her in electronic media. I am sure she ‘s comfortable what she’s wearing and she sure know how to look goods

  5. It depends on ones knees, hers are better than some of the bony offerings I’ve seen on the catwalk, and she looks fabulous!

  6. Pat Zammit  

    Always looks good, never puts a foot wrong

  7. Helen  

    She looks amazing, if youv’e got it flaunt it!

  8. Wendyvr  

    Looks good but it also looks like she needs the loo with her legs crossed in every photo

  9. robyn pearson  

    Are you serious what is wrong with it is this what we worry about these days if so there is something wrong with life lets stop wasting our time worrying
    about things like this and worry about more important things like what am I going to have for dinner bahaha

  10. Janet  

    Can’t she afford a camisole?
    About time she wore knee-length dresses.

    She should ‘take a leaf’ out of Dame Helen Mirren’s ability to dress properly, for all occasions’.

    Why do people fawn over this woman?

    She’s on tv. Big whoop!

    I remember when she did an interview with a famous Hollywood film star.
    She was quite rude to him, & condescending.
    Not nice!

    • If I looked that good I don’t think I’d care what anyone thought of the dress. I am lucky that I can say complimentary things about other people and wish them happiness. It makes for you to be a much happier person yourself, if you’re not jealous or judgmental.

      My mother taught me ” If you can’t say anything good about a person, don’t say anything at all”

      • Carol zimmerle  

        We would all look that good if we had all the work she has had done. Good luck to her wish I could afford it

    • Penelope  

      Trashy look. She’s trying to hard. Needs to start trying to look a little more classy.

    • Margaret Hier  

      Feel sorry for Janet that you feel like that. I would wear that dress 👗 if I could get one she looked lovely. Nothing is said when they wear dresses half nacked.

      • Janet  

        Feel sorry? Why?
        Because I spoke the same which many were thinking?
        What’s ‘half nacked’? Is it a cross between ‘naked’ ‘ & ‘hacked’?

      • Amelia  

        ….what’s ‘nacked’ mean?
        Is it meant to be a cross between ”knackered’ & ‘naked’?

      • Janet  

        Not at all!
        At least I’d have the common sense, & modesty, to wear a camisole!

      • Janet  

        What’s to be jealous of a tv so-called ‘celebrity’?
        Absolutely nothing, IMO!
        Why would she have to wear a dress like that, to look like a …….?

        A woman wearing a see-through dress……..hmmm!

    • Carol wilson  

      I agree with Janet on this one. I always thought she more option acted than the people she was interviewing and who were much more celebrity than she was, and now it is a great big poor me, but hey, she still over dresses and is too over made up with makeup to be even half the normal person she wants to be known as . My opinion only.

    • Martha  

      I don’t really care about Kerri-Anne she has enough money to get her self together.
      Under that dress she should have worn a thong or pants that didn’t make her bulge 3rd tier from waist. She has her right hand over bulge. As to the dress being too short. Rubbish her legs are OK and the knees are better than mine. Definitely better that Gina Rinehart’s frills. Wrong dress.. who’s guiding her?. But her face has improved and whilst I wouldn’t cross the street to speak to her, her weight loss might improve her manner. She might have had a lap band who cares losing her weight will do her good. She can afford a cook to do the catering. In this instance I wish her well. Stick to it Gina but don’t get any thinner that makes you look haggard. Its not easy. But it is do-able. M

    • Lyn  

      Get a life Janet, who made you the fashion police? Don’t get me wrong, I love Helen Mirren, saw a photo of her wearing a bikini at 70 and she rocked it. Kerry-Anne rocked it in the pink dress. Glad we are not all on the Janet boring as Planet!

      • Janet  

        My entitled opinion!
        YOU eff off with your stupid comment……..

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