Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson celebrating major win today

For the first time in 10 years Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson are celebrating big time after finally defeating Channel

For the first time in 10 years Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson are celebrating big time after finally defeating Channel 7’s Sunrise in the ratings.

Ever since Karl and Lisa took up their hosting roles the show has continuously been pipped at the post by Sunrise and it’s stars David Koch and Samantha Armytage (previously Melissa Doyle) .

Now though the Today show team can claim victory with ratings results showing they are the number one breakfast show in the country.

Before Karl and Lisa took over the show was in a ratings slump, with Lisa saying things weren’t looking good.


Back on air tomorrow morning on @thetodayshow with these lovely people. Hope you can join us from 5.30am. #today9

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She said it was a “nasty” letter that made them realise just how tough it was going to be.

“On day three of Karl and I starting together, there was a particularly nasty email that came in,” she told Fairfax Media.

“It was back in the day when the Today show was the favourite whipping boy … and Karl turned to me and held my hand and said, ‘If this is going to work, we’ve got to forget about all of that. We’ve just got to do good journalism, enjoy ourselves, and the rest will come.’ And 10 years later, it’s happened.”

“For a while there, the Today show was looking over its shoulder … Sunrise had burst out the blocks [in 2003] with a very cleverly branded product, and they had a great executive producer in Adam Boland. Kudos to [Today’s former executive producer] Tom Malone, who realised that looking over your shoulder gets you nowhere. We had to be our own breakfast show, not somebody else’s re-cooked version of one.”

While the Today show is busy celebrating, Channel 7 has come out and tried to play down the win.

“That is a bit like a half-time victory lap,” a Seven spokesman says.

Which morning show do you watch? Are you a fan of Karl and Lisa?

  1. Carol  

    I love Lisa but Karl is annoying more & more with his comments and laughing at his own jokes , not only that he is so pro the Daily telegraph the Lib’s & for goodness sake MURDOCH. What has happened to him.

  2. Virginia Baines  

    Well done Karl and Lisa. I always thought your show was better. Watched it for years. Love Sylvia and Pete as well. X

  3. Sue martin  

    Always watch the today show. Have done for years. Can’t stand the other one their voices grate and it’s not nearly as informative. Go Karl and Lisa. Love sylvia and the big easy too.

  4. Love Lisa and karl ever since Melissa left sunrise can’t stand Sam the heifer.
    Turned to.today show and love it

  5. Love Lisa and karl ever since Melissa left sunrise can’t stand Sam the heifer.
    Turned to.today show and love it

  6. Patricia Farrugia  

    Its well and truly time Karl was given his marching orders. His overbearing attitude is sickening. The rest of the team are great with the exception that they tend to bow down to KARL. HE IS ABRASIVE, NASTY AND WITLESS.

    • Lor Wood  

      Patricia you are nasty. Karl is great and helps make a a good team, would not be the same without him. GO KARL.

  7. Marian james  

    I watch the show every morning but Karl has to go. His jokes aren’t funny and he is so rude. The rest of the team are great. Can’t stand sunrise their voices get on my nerves.

  8. Gaileen Heard  

    At the moment the advertisements on ALL commercial stations are driving me to watching channel 2. Its a very enjoyable morning show..the commercial stations need to have a good look

  9. Janet Meisel  

    Love the Today show with Karl and Lisa and all the gang. I find David Koch a boring, pompous twerp and the female quite bland. Karl may be outlandish and unpredictable at times, at least he’s like a real person, with unfiltered reactions and a wicked sense of humour. He is a perfect complement to Lisa’s always composed and super professional demeanour. The show itself is a good mix of news and entertainment. Congrats to the whole team.

  10. Judith Gibbs  

    I watch the “Today” show as it is the best of a bad bunch. Sometimes it is annoying but all in all it is far better that Sunrise. If I turn the TV on in the morning and it opens on Sunrise I almost trip over myself to change the channel. I find David Koch extremely irritating. I am not sure what he adds to the show to be honest.

    I think the Today show could be less silly (i.e. less giggling or inane jokes would be a positive) and repetitive. It would be interesting to see more input from the public. For example; between advertisements and repetitive news segments there seems to little time left for interesting articles that offer more than just a superficial discussion about a particular issue.

    Many of the articles/interviews skim the surface without actually offering any in depth information to the audience. It would be better to have fewer articles but make them more informative.

    Maybe they could have a member of the public do a book or movie review or provide an expose on something they have achieved or find interesting.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my comments.

  11. Sandra  

    LOVE the TODAY show, but Karl is overbearing & a little up himself since getting to the top of the ladder. Lisa & the rest of the gang are just wonderful. I have never liked watching sunrise & never will. Keep up the good work TODAY.

  12. Stopped watching both a few years ago non these shows give an unbiased opinion just tow he party line of whichever party they support and in todays climate I think its vital we all form our own opinion of what’s happening in Australia as neither of these stations will do it .They will keep talking the “it will be alright “‘ line as our boat goes down

    • Pattianne Young  

      I watch the Today show each morn enjoy the banter enjoy sometimes rediculus and always enjoy the humour. BUT I would like to report to you the number for the cash here in South Australia is a security number and Channel Nine will not accept our calls unless we send in an SMS. I have reported it to the switch at Nine but was aggressively told it is our servers fault and she hang up. Went to the server and they did numerous tests only to be told it is a security number. No go. We have tried for months to get through so back in your court Nine can you please do something about it. It is noticeable the lack of calls to S.A.

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