Is 47 too old to have a baby? Kylie Minogue shares her wishes for a family

It’s hard to believe Kylie Minogue is approaching 50 – her youthful looks and grace have done wonders for her.

It’s hard to believe Kylie Minogue is approaching 50 – her youthful looks and grace have done wonders for her. And it looks like her age (47) is not stopping her when it comes to starting a family, either.

The singer has revealed her happiness with 27-year-old actor Joshua Sasse, calling him the  “love of my life”.

“I want more of out of life, I really do,” Kylie told Desert Island Discs host Kirsty Young

“Who knows if family is on any one of my horizons? I don’t know. But if that were to happen that would be incredible.”

In a separate interview with The Mail on Sunday’s You magazine, Kylie says that despite the 20-year age gap, she has found someone she can see herself with forever.

“I can’t actually put into words how happy I am… We just completely fit together. He gets me, I get him”.

We all remember Kylie from her days as Charlene on Neighbours, before soaring through the charts with her pop music.

She told Desert Island Discs: “I don’t want to get stuck on the treadmill of doing the same thing. I would like to experience other parts of life which means I have to adapt my schedule”.

On the show, Kylie let her boyfriend choose a song but it turned out to be an emotionally charged love poem called As I Look Up, which was written by Josh’s late father, the poet Dominic Sasse.

It reads: “Without asking I would pull you down with my devoted hands to express, my fluent tongue to endear. We would smear our mouths with ardent kisses and cry aloud from loving as we lay”.

Tell us: do you think 47 is too old to have a child? Or is it really up to the person? We wish Kylie all the best.


  1. She is not to old but there are dangers for older woman having children and great risk for their babies, her eggs will be old, and many babies are born with birth defects.. having said that I am sure there many babies that are born who are perfect in every way..if she wants a child..just do it

    • Agree Libbi, I read an article recently where a woman had a healthy baby after the egg had been frozen for 13yrs. She would have had eggs removed before receiving cancer treatment.

  2. We are all well aware of the risks involved, however it is her business and not up to anyone to judge or criticise he decision.

  3. Her decision. I had completed my family by 28 and that suited me. Not everyones choice but it worked for me. If Kylie has a bub l am sure he/she will be so loved and wanted.

  4. I wish her so much joy. She is in the fortunate position of having the means to have lots of support,which is the aspect I think she’ll need. One’s energies are not the same as when we were young and geared to have our families.

  5. Why do celebrities insist on telling the whole world about these things. If you want a baby then go ahead and have one. Stop telling the whole world.

    • Linda Barclay  

      And I think this has been the case for a long time.

  6. No it is up to the person my husbands father was 55 years old when he was born and he out lived his mother so one never knows.

  7. This is tyhpical of self absorbed people who live for themselves for 30 years and then think they would like a toy to keep their ego going. Definitely too old. People wanting to have babies this late are not thinking about the child but themselves. It seems as it is always about the mother.

    • I had older parents i never saw them as old they were. … mum and dad and i loved them for who they are!

    • Why did you have a child? Not sure about you, but I had mine because I wanted them. Pretty good reason don’t you think. Yes she is older, what about the OLD men who father kids, some of them do it because they think they are like some stud bull!

    • My thoughts exactly. Just too difficult! Still it is the choice of the person involved but I wouldn’t do it.

    • Yes I agree,I had my 1st daughter at 20 and my 4th daughter at 30.If it is possible it is better to have your children while young.

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