Hugh’s heartwarming words about his dad

As you know, Hugh Jackman has Instagram and he’s not afraid to use it. In recent weeks, the film star and

As you know, Hugh Jackman has Instagram and he’s not afraid to use it. In recent weeks, the film star and all-round great bloke has posted pictures of himself as a tot playing footy; and of he and his wife with matching haircuts (aka mullets) in the early 90s.

He has no qualms making a git of himself li-synching a Katy Perry song, showing off his latest fishing conquest or sweaty gym pic. No wonder we all love him so.

But it was one simple word, along with a picture of Hugh beaming alongside his father on Instagram, that summed up his love for the man who raised him: “DAD”.


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Hugh has spoken in the past about his father, who raised he and his siblings after their mother Grace left and moved to the UK.

In 2012, Hugh opened up to 60 Minutes in the US about his life, his father and his childhood.
At the time, he broke down on the show when discussing when his mother Grace left his father, himself and his siblings and moved to the UK.

“My father is my rock. It’s where I learned everything about loyalty, dependability, being there day in, day out, no matter what,’ Hugh told 60 Minutes in the US during an interview.

He explained that his dad taught him that family was the most important thing in the world.

“It’s always about the family,” he said.

In a previous picture of the pair the actor shared on social media, Hugh labels his dad “my hero”.

The similarities between Hugh and his dad Christopher are striking, and are clearly more than skin deep.

And just because it’s funny, here are Deborah-Lee and Hugh with matching haircuts…

Clearly, Debs and I were rocking the same hairstyle for a time! #DO or #DON’T = #DON’T

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What one word would you use to describe the parent who had the greatest impact on you? 


  1. Jeni Robinson

    I loved an interview he did after his movie ‘Kate and Leopold’ was released where he talks about his dad and the manners he taught him. No wonder he’s such a gentleman and great father himself. I wonder how his mother feels now for leaving him as a youngster when she sees the lovely man he’s become. It’s beyond me how a mother can leave her child and go to another country.

    • Letitia Breytenbach

      I know a woman like that who lives in total denial and now blames the 18 year old young man for not wanting to have anything to do with her!

    • I have trouble my family leaving after our beautiful family breakfast every Sunday day. Cannot even imagine actually choosing to go overseas.

  2. Helen O

    ” who raised him and his brother” , not ” who raised he and his brother” Beautiful story despite grammar glitch.

    • Happichique  

      There are quite a few spelling and grammar errors in this article….like many others – something that irks me, it happens in the tabloids too

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