Helen Mirren shows you what style over-60 can look like

Helen Mirren is a crowd favourite not only because of her incredible talent but her elegant sense of style. These pictures

Helen Mirren is a crowd favourite not only because of her incredible talent but her elegant sense of style. These pictures of her in colourful outfits and fun accessories show us all that a closet of an over-60 does not have to consist of just mauve and taupe! Here she plays with bright accessories and interesting pieces that can really brighten up a look.

Arty and fun

At the IFT 25th Gotham Awards, Helen wore this dress that looked like it was made from a child’s drawing and paired it with orange high heels, a blue belt, a dark green boxy bag plus sparkly purple earrings.

Need some makeup inspiration? Just look at how Helen does her eye shadow softly and finishes of with her favourite shade of lipstick, pink.

Helen added more colour to her ensemble by painting her nails pink. Here’s her bag up close as well as a diamond ring.

Floral sensation

Helen looks both elegant and fun in this piece. She has been photographed wearing this same dress with orange, white, and beige shoes but this time, she opted to go with bright orange high heels. Note how her nails are bright pink and her makeup is kept natural and laid back.

A pop of colour

Helen is an expert at adding some excitement to her ensemble. Here she is at the Toronto International Film Festival wearing a bright shawl with her black and red dress. She balances the bright shawl with black heels and a black bag.

Pink punch

If you’re more of a pants person, try this look. Helen shows that you can never go wrong with a white shirt and bright coloured pants. She keeps her accessories simple as well as light makeup.

Green queen

If you like wearing cardigans, this might be for you. Simply add a bright coloured cardigan to your dress for a look that’s more fun.

A black bag and black peep-toe shoes complete her look. Check out the butterflies on her shoes…

Don’t you just love Helen’s earrings? See how her makeup is natural with a wearable lipstick colour.

Do you like Helen’s style? Are you a fan of bright colours and quirky pieces?

  1. Joan Marshall  

    I have said it before and I will say it again This lady Helen Mirren has style. Slim, attractive and certainly knows what to wear in stylish clothes.

  2. Hayley  

    People who’ve the funds to spend on clothes, or have their clothes ‘given’ to them, can always look smart, & chic. Lucky them!

    Although I dress ‘conservatively’, I believe, & feel always well dressed, suitable to the occasion.

  3. liz tant  

    LOve Helen but please stop andre rieu ads. I know I can press the X but these ads are terrible nuisance

  4. Susan Bell  

    Yes please stop the Andre Rieu ads, he is a man who once said he doesn’t like music and I can well believe it his playing is soulless. Also could we have one week when you do not have an article about Helen Mirren, good actress but really there are other more important things in the world to talk about and if you have a desperate need to constantly do articles about actors, chose another one at least every second week. Helen is getting tired, she needs to rest or a cup of tea. I am so tired of the grovelling reverence articles.

  5. Paula  

    She is very stylish, looks gorgeous in all those outfits. Yes, I would wear all of those clothes and love the colours.

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