Geoffrey Edelsten discovers shocking truth about young wife Gabi Grecko

It has been revealed that Geoffrey Edelsten’s estranged wife Gabi Grecko was paid to perform sex acts on now-disgraced New York

It has been revealed that Geoffrey Edelsten’s estranged wife Gabi Grecko was paid to perform sex acts on now-disgraced New York Police officers, and Geoffrey has struggled to come to terms with the reports.

The 73-year-old businessman told Daily Mail Australia, “I can’t believe I married a prostitute. She deceived me and made herself out to be something she isn’t.”

He also said, “I wish I never had anything to do with her – she makes me feel sick. The sooner we get divorced he better.”

“I’m disgusted by the lies Gabi told me. I asked her if she was ever involved in prostitution and she always said no, ” said Geoffrey who was briefly married to Gabi in 2015.

But then, Gabi, 27, went on media herself to post a cryptic video response to the reports which said, “I can say today has been an incredibly scandalous day, but we all have a past.”

“And all of us who never gave up on our dreams have done everything possible to hustle in order to get the things we want in our lives.”

Photo: YouTube.

The controversy exploded when she revealed how she was hired to engage in a mile-high sex session with two New York police officers in 2013.

Gabi was quoted in the New York Post as having been paid to perform sex acts on now-disgraced NYPD Deputy Inspector James Grant, since-fired Detective Michael Millici and three other men during a private flight to Las Vegas in 2013.

Photo: YouTube.
Photo: YouTube.

She also revealed that Grant and Millici jokingly wielded a pair of handcuffs during the in-flight orgy.
“I didn’t think it would be as extreme as it was, but then because I obviously couldn’t get off the plane, I had to do what they were telling me”, she allegedly later admitted.

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Apparently, Geoffrey and Gabi met through dating website in 2014 before tying the knot in a year later which only lasted 5 months.

Here, they talked about their sex life on live radio…

Did Geoffrey make a big mistake picking Gabi?

  1. Carol  

    Why are we even giving this pair of misfits oxygen?
    She’s a weirdo who would obviously do anything for money.
    He’s a complete embarrassment as a person yet alone a male, plus you’d only marry him for money.
    With his past he’s complaining about her’s?
    Give us all a break and just disappear Geoffrey.

    • Renee Patterson  

      Am in total agreement, Carol. Ridiculously self-serving people. Why is the ‘public’ so fascinated by such poor specimens of humanity, when there are many, many out there far more worthy of report? i would respect the media a little if they dished up some stories of people who are using their lives to help others. Believe me, they are out there!

  2. Royce R. Baucke  

    She makes him feel sick – he makes me feel sick.

    • Marlene White  

      I agree Royce, why apart from his multi millions would anyone want anything to with this toad (apologies to all toads).

  3. Val Roche  

    Geoffrey has been a Playboy for many many years .Amazing what the rich get away with . So I guess chickens have been coming home to roost . besides WHO CARES

  4. Celia Nila  

    The both are the biggest LOSERS !

  5. Dean2  

    His other wife was an escort and even stripper Brynne

  6. Narelle Kay  

    I am now deleting SAS, who cares about this jerk, he has always had nothing but hype. He got rich from deceiving people. And now SAS has become like reality TV, I am switching you off.

    • Gerda  

      Yes, me too. I’m sick of the rubbish almost 24 hours a day coming from SAS

  7. Carole  

    He is such an embarrassment and he gets so much press being involved with these low rent females although the media are usually just sending him up anyway.

  8. Robert Kellett  

    Surely, in today’s world, there are many, many more important matters to highlight and discuss than these two freeloaders. Why oh Why has the media got the “hots” for these two??
    Let’s ignore the mug, the freeloader, who plays with mummy’s money and discuss the miriade of important matters in this world … Terrorism, Poverty, Domestic Violence … to name just a few.

  9. AJ Kierath  

    And we all await with bated breath (not) for his next big marriage mistake….lol…


    Really who the hell cares about these two degenerates , there are more important issues than them surely , like is our town getting a Hungry Jacks or not, now that would be newsworthy !!!

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