From tomorrow, your internet browser could be putting you at risk of security threats

Many Starts at 60 readers have told us over the years that they use Internet Explorer to view our articles

Many Starts at 60 readers have told us over the years that they use Internet Explorer to view our articles and other websites, so this is for you!

According to Microsoft, support for Internet Explorer versions 8, 9 and 10 will become obsolete tomorrow. This means if you’re using an old version of the browser, you will need to upgrade or switch to another browser.

From January 12, there will be no security updates and technical help for people using versions of Internet Explorer other than 11, the latest version.

This could leave users who stay on the older versions of the browser more vulnerable to cyberattacks and scams because problems with the software won’t be fixed.

Hundreds of millions of users will need to upgrade ASAP and there’s two ways you can do this.

  1. You can upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer here
  2. You can download another browser such as:

Tell us, are you using an old version of IE? What will you do?

  1. Short answer here: do not use Internet Explorer! I have not done so since the 90s. Firefox is a far better browser, in every possible way; it is easy to download and install; and it updates itself automatically if you allow it to.
    For Android mobile, i use Chrome. Last thing anyone should do is download IE again.

    • judy cameron  

      Never use internet explorer…have used Mozilla Firefox for many years

    • I was going to switch to google chrome but it told me it would delete all my current information and contacts etc and i would have to put them all in again so I haven’t switched to it

    • Sylvia Jennings That doesn’t sound good. Can you back them up onto a USB stick and then after you change reload them. I am no computer expert but I have an external hard drive as a backup.

  2. Haven’t used IE for many years. I have become used to and like Firefox although I have also used Chrome.

    • awt  

      I have used Chrome on all versions of windows never had a problem.

  3. I tried and it kept cycling me round and where is ‘run’ key or button?

  4. Google Chrome may be ok for home but I have heard its no compatible with MYOB

    • Brenda Kendall  

      I use Chrome and MYOB and have no problems with either of them. I do keep both up to date though as that always helps with any problems.

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