Elvis’ ex-wife Priscilla Presley’s new face causes social media meltdown

If in the past Priscilla Presley had been the victim of botched treatment from an unqualified plastic surgeon, this was not
Priscilla's Presley's face has been made fun of.

If in the past Priscilla Presley had been the victim of botched treatment from an unqualified plastic surgeon, this was not the case when she made an appearance on a British TV show called ‘Lorraine’. The 71-year-old shocked viewers with her incredibly youthful appearance, showcasing a smooth, wrinkle-free complexion. The former wife of Elvis came on the show to chat with host Lorraine Kelly about her late ex-husband but it was her looks which really got people going on social media, with countless viewers taking to Twitter to comment, reports Daily Mail.

One user posted on social media: “Flicking thru channels on TV and thought I saw a Lizard being interviewed on Lorraine. Turns out it was Priscilla Presley after surgery!”

Another said: “Must be a point where you say ‘yep enough plastic surgery now’ else you just look like Frankenstein’s monster @ITVLorraine #PriscillaPresley”.

Another harsh comment read: “I’m really sorry, I’m sure she’s a lovely woman, but I have nightmares after looking at @Cilla_Presley for too long #justsaying #Lorraine”.

She looks stylish and youthful. Photo: YouTube (@Lorraine).
This is the new Priscilla Presley, looking youthful and stylish. Photo: YouTube (@Lorraine).

But other fans have come forward to support Priscilla saying that it is her personal choice to do whatever she prefers with her face. One social media user said, “When can women finally have the right to do whatever they want? It’s none of other people’s business to judge how she looks!”

This is the video that had sparked the debate…

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Do you think it was fair for them to say that to her?

  1. Robyn Mcleod  

    Still dragging Elvis back from the dead (She did divorce him) obviously needs the money. The beautiful woman has destroyed her face just gross now

  2. Diana Hockley  

    I saw this interview and she can barely move her cheeks and lips.

  3. Elizabeth Gardner  

    I thought the last face lift and fillers were bad enough leaving her with a duck mouth every time she smiled or laughed. This is worse! it is nice to have a bit of work done but at least make it subtle and suitable. We cannot all be gorgeous and totally line free at 70 many people will not even get to that so why try to look 30?

  4. Charmaine  

    Why can’t beautiful women just grow old gracefully and beautifully…our own ONJ is another one…there is no fountain of youth and these ladies no longer look like themselves…

  5. Gail  

    Is it just me …is she looking like Elvis?🤔

    • Cheryl Hayes  

      I though so too,looking like Elvis

  6. when will women stop judging other women on how they look. We all disapprove when men do it but they only seem to be following our example.

  7. Vicki  

    Why is she doing this interview? She divorced him…she going on as though he was absolutely wonderful?????

  8. christine thompson  

    I do not believe she looks too bad at all , i look older than her because of white hair yet i’m younger .. what she does with her body is her business nobody else’s there is way too much celebrity bashing going on also way too much media saying you should be slim taut and terrific .. afraid some of us will never be like that and as for talking about him cause she divorced him . does that mean anyone and everyone should never talk about their EX .. as for needing money , i doubt she will ever need money ..if she gets the royalities of all ELVIS”S SONGS , MOVIES ETC …

  9. kerry  

    Sad that Vanity is so strong,that you have to despice every wrinkle and will just end as a young looking corpse.

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