Duchess Camilla’s middle eastern outfits spark new fashion following

For the longest time, royal fans and fashion lovers have been talking about how other stylish queens and princesses don amazing outfits;
The attention is now on the other duchess – the Duchess of Cornwall.

For the longest time, royal fans and fashion lovers have been talking about how other stylish queens and princesses don amazing outfits; but never the Duchess of Cornwall. It’s always been about Duchess Catherine’s elegant style, Princess Mary’s simple look, Queen Elizabeth’s classic outfits, even Princess Beatrice’s bizarre ensembles sometimes makes the headlines. Camilla Duchess of Cornwall has always been in the shadows but somehow this middle eastern trip has arguably propelled her image to be the new fashion icon for over-60s. Love or hate her, when it comes to style, many have given her the seal of approval.

Lately, the duchess have been seeing wearing the same outfit combinations – long blouses with wide-legged pants, accessorised with delicate scarves. She’s been photographed wearing different colours but every look has stayed true to this combination. Some say that this change is permanent but others say her new wardrobe style was designed especially for her middle eastern visit. Take a look at what the duchess have been wearing…

The Duchess of Cornwall’s top looks

Long, soft blouse with pleats.


A photo posted by @instamilla66 on

Long flowy blouse with delicate scarf to match.

Pink and white ensemble with floral print purse.

Green outfit with matching accessories.

Do you like the duchess’ new style?

  1. Shanti  

    Much as I dislike her, I love the “new look” – it’s feminine, flattering, and I would wear these clothes in a heartbeat – if I could afford them! I will be looking for inexpensive versions without a doubt.

    • lyn clark  

      I love the duchess’s new clothing style. Very feminine. Hope she stays with these type of clothes. They soften her!!

  2. Thank goodness for scarves, the Duchess just put them back in fashion, in every color for every style.. Well looks neat and tidy.

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  4. Lucille  

    Camilla wears beautiful outfits, which look comfortable, & ‘just right’ for her age!

    I try to do the same, & have done so for years’, as allowed by my meagre income!

    I wear scarves’, all year around! They’re practical, as I get a cold neck, very easily.
    They look good, & they just add a touch of ‘pizzazz’ to my ‘plain’ face.

    I do like them tied to my Tote, or Shoulder Bag handles, as well! Very in-fashion!

    • Joan Marshall  

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  5. It suits her…she should stick to the pants and long shirts and scarves…takes 10 ,years off her age!

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