Cate Blanchett stuns on the red carpet in daring frilly dress

Cate Blanchett has walked the red carpet at the prestigious BFI awards in London in one of her most daring

Cate Blanchett has walked the red carpet at the prestigious BFI awards in London in one of her most daring looks yet.

She was attending the event as the guest of honour after being awarded the BFI Fellowship last year and certainly made an impression in a dress hot off the catwalk in Milan.

While the Australian actress is known for taking risks on the red carpet, she stepped it up a notch with a designer number by Gucci.

The dramatic dress features a plunging neck line and ruffled shoulders in yellow, with a red sash and long black skirt tying it all together.

While most people would struggle to pull off a dress like that, Cate had many naming her as the best dressed of the night.

“Absolutely LOVE this on her. Simple but glamorous….Wow,” said one admirer.

“Very dramatic, very couture. I love it but it needs someone of height and charisma to carry it off – which Cate possesses. The sleeves are reminiscent of Diana’s wedding dress!” commented another.

Others though weren’t so sure…

“She looks like a frill-neck lizard,” wrote one commenter online.

“Way too much going on here! Maybe if the frills weren’t there I’d like it, but it’s all too busy right now,” said another.

Are you a fan of Cate’s movies and style? What do you think of this look?

  1. Denise Trevilyan  

    Oh my goodness – isn’t less more poor Kate looks s uncomfortable & embarrassed.
    If strong wind started blowing – it’s possible she would have been taken to parts unknown with those dreadful wings.
    She normally always looks beautiful.
    Hope she never ever returns to that desgner again.

    • Rhonda O'Keefe  

      “That designer” is Gucci !! Who would EVER pass up an offer to where that designer’s clothes

  2. Betty  

    Cate looked stunning as she always does.

  3. Chris  

    She does look fabulous – however, that dress is a bit over the top. Take the frills off and it would be stunning!

  4. bernadette  

    she looks heart with roses around it love it

  5. patricia ratclife  

    I think Kate looks outstanding and very elegant, only she can carry something like that off with extreme confidence

    • Winifred Wilson  

      It’s Cate not with a K.

  6. Celebrities can always carry off outlandish clothes if they’re from a famous designer, but one thing about red carpet fashion is they must have spent a fortune buying matching shoes & we can never see them because the dresses are too long.

  7. Gia  

    She’s fabulous but the dress looks like vaginally challenged!

  8. Stephanie Cocks  

    She does look good. LOVE the red and black, and the cream, but for me, leave the wings off, the ‘flowers/lilies’ are OKish, but leave the wings off.

  9. Joan Marshall  

    Not a beautiful woman but, what an Actress! The dress is different but would have looked stunning with just the plain top and skirt. Kate does Australia proud like Princess Mary.

  10. Nancy Brenton  

    I am an admirer of Cates acting and her fashion but feel this fashion isn’t one of my favourites.

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