The boy no one loved

The Boy No One Loved is a true story of a 5 year old child who made the only decision he

the-boy-no-one-loved-2The Boy No One Loved is a true story of a 5 year old child who made the only decision he felt he could. It is a story of neglect, abuse and betrayal but most importantly, of the scar left on a child who never knows love.

At the tender age of 5, Justin has been left responsible for his two younger brothers (aged 2 & 3). Their mother is an addict who, like so many others, is focused on her next fix and she will do anything to get that.  What money she gets goes toward her needs rather than her three young boys. There is no food, there is nothing clean and there is no love or protection for these kids.

Desperation leads Justin to the drastic measure of setting fire to his house! What a terrible decision for a baby to have to make but little Justin is no longer a baby. Three children, no one knows who might be their fathers and no one to care.

This is the catalyst for social services to step in. The mother sells out her oldest child to save having all of them taken  So Justin begins his carousel ride from one foster home to another. By the time he is 11 he has been through 20 foster homes. The damage done to him is so severe that no one can manage him. Casey and Mike Watson are his very last hope.

Casey and Mike made the decision that they want to try and help children just like Justin. They have immersed themselves in a program that can hopefully do that. After much training and planning, they take Justin in on a 1 yr program  They are not to be counsellors. They are to be a family to Justin.

I read this true story with tears in my eyes and an ache in my heart for the damage “humans” can do without any idea of what it can lead to.

Foster parents and people like Casey and Mike are a unique breed. To open your home and heart to the sort of challenge they faced is such a wonderful gift; few have it. I am the mother of two children (now grown) and I struggled to deal with the problems associated. I could never have managed the issues Justin had with my own children let alone a situation like this.

Social workers, psychologists and foster parents need so much more support than they receive. The great ones like Casey and Mike deserve our deepest respect and thanks as they may be the only ones that can turn lives from destruction.

This is apparently the first of Casey’s stories. I am torn between wanting to read more about the lives they change and wanting to turn a blind eye to the sickening path that leads these children to her door.

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  1. Lots of children like this and not enough people who step up and care . I am a foster carer

  2. I used to live next to a family who fostered kids. The stories are tragic, one little boy who had access visits with his real mother always came back bruised and battered until one access visit he was killed. For the real parents they cling to these children for the extra financial assistance they receive with none of it actually going towards the children. The decisions made by welfare agencies are often unbelievable one child being returned to the father who had tried to kill him when that man got out of gaol. The foster carers who had worked through the boys understandable terror around water, and cared for him for several years protested, the boys teenage brothers and sisters still living at their home objected as did the boy. He was sent back until his personal opinion had any legal sway and he returned to his foster home. I will give this book a read.

  3. This is extremely sad. It makes me wonder why people have to go overseas for adoption. This mother should have had all children taken from her when it was obvious that she could not look after them because she preferred to take drugs.

  4. It is generally these children who end up the thuggy youths we so despise.

    • Would you mind publishing here all the stats and data to back up your comment.
      A very harsh and judgemental comment.

    • I’m talking about the uncared for children and I base my comments on knowing the backgrounds of many many problem youths while I was a police officer. Try to sound less superior in your comments, you sound very arrogant.

    • And my comment comes from deep sadness that these children didn’t get a decent go in life!

    • I’ve seen it too. The loss of innocence and love that childhood should hold seems often to propel these kids on a self destruct. Aggression, vandalism often drug and alcohol problems. Many end up in gaol or on the edge of society not belonging and not sure if they can or even want to belong.

    • It’s true Barbara but strangely many end up police officers. I’d say at least 50% of us had a tough childhood (and I include myself). My flatmate was in a situation much like this story, except she was left with three baby siblings while her mum went out Dancing and often wouldn’t come home for 2-3 days. They all ended up in foster care and she struggled with her memories. It gave us depth of understanding though, and if we could we would always try and put young people on the right path for help. Most, sadly were beyond that stage.

  5. My daughter once worked in a childcare centre near a women’s refuge. Some of the stories she told were heartbreaking. It seems to me that that sometimes the parent’s rights come before those of the child. I think parents facing problems should be helped financially, if necessary, and with education as many neglectful or abusive parents had a dreadful childhood themselves. However I think that persistent abuse or neglect should automatically result in the permanent removal of the child.

  6. My heart goes out to all the children of the world who through no fault of their own are suffering We in the Western World should thank our lucky stars that our kids are not subjected to the horrors going on in the Middle East When is the injustice of it all going to end

  7. We do resprite foster care for 3 years all these children need LOVE and need to feel safe secure and cared for .

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