Bindi is back on our TV screens doing what she does best

It may be one of the worst-kept secrets in Australian TV, but last night it was confirmed that Bindi Irwin

It may be one of the worst-kept secrets in Australian TV, but last night it was confirmed that Bindi Irwin will join reality TV show I’m a Celebrity… Get me outta here. But she won’t be alone, Robert and Terri are along for the ride too.

The reality show in which a bunch of B-grade celebrities (at best) are dropped into the jungle and challenged to face disgusting creatures (including each other) for up to six weeks, is already underway, but it was announced on the show last night that the Irwins will be making an appearance.

The family sparked rumours when they set off on an international flight last week for a ‘personal project’.

The Herald Sun reports that the Irwins will be joining the show on Monday, and will arrive at the campsite ‘like a present in a box’, surprising the celebs.

It has not been confirmed how long they will be on the show, or in what capacity, but one can only assume that the wildlife warriors would not be so easily cajoled into drinking rat offal or being covered in maggots, just two of the joys Shane Warne has had to face in the show already.

A major part of the appeal of the show is watching the normally pristine celebs squirm in disgust, overcome their fears and handle dangerous creatures… which is pretty much a day in the life of Bindi Irwin.

We all loved watching Bindi through her Dancing With the Stars victory; will her addition to I’m a Celebrity be enough to entice viewers with more sense and taste than the current audience?

Tell us, will you be watching? Is this the worst thing on TV?

  1. Will I be watching? Absolutely not. Beats me why our TV screens are awash with garbage that is an insult to intelligence.

  2. While I appreciate Bindy’s skill at dancing , I will not be watching this show. I don’t like reality tv shows at all. I don’t think there is much that is real about them, most of it is staged to attract an audience

  3. They’ll need something to boost this years ratings. I will be very surprised if it runs for the whole season. A show full of has beens and attention seekers.

  4. Absolutely NOT, I’m sick of the garbage the producers seem to think we need. The free to air stations are telling us that we WANT these reality shows and my answer to it was to put FOXTEL AND NETFLIX on so I at least have the opportunity to watch something worth while.

  5. It doesn’t matter who appears on some of these shows I will not watch. The shows are boring, inane and I’d rather watch paint dry.

    • Watching the shorts are enough. Can’t wait until the one on Molly is aired and I can be free of the shorts for that one too

  6. got to confess i watched the first 2 episodes, such rubbish my brain is still working get me out of here.shane warne is getting 2 million to be on the show i wonder how much bindi is getting

  7. Instead she should make a surprise appearance at her Grandfather’s home and start talking to him.

    • How nasty was your comment. You don’t know what has happened in this family but yet you judge. Shame on you.

    • Marlene Fegan, you are a very nasty person to say something like that, you don’t know the situation with their families so mind your own business.

    • Owen Gustafson & Jenni King – The “situation” with the family has been well explained and publicised on all media.

    • Judy Green don’t tell me you actually believe the media. It must be true then. Their motto is always ” don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story”

    • I am sorry if some people have misunderstood me. I just feel she should be giving priority to talking to her Grandfather. Family is very precious. I don’t know him and I don’t know her but surely family is more important than anything. He seems like a nice considerate and caring man and he is not getting any younger. I don’t understand why they can’t just sit down and talk. I know it is none of my business but their family has chosen to live in the media spotlight.

    • Marlene I agree with you Bob Irwin started that Zoo, Many years ago and there is no mention of that when you visit the Zoo and it was a great little place to visit,and He was so close to his Son, as Steve was to his Dad ,ask people that actually worked with Bob and you will see great Respect for the Man , Im sure Steve would be deeply upset by the rift, I think Bindi and Bob are good kids just to much coaching for the Media, so much more to this story

  8. If I had ever had any inclination to watch this “reality” show the publicity has certainly convinced me I have not been missing anything in not doing so – irrespective of who appears in it.

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