Bert Newton’s son is back in the spotlight

Matthew Newton has stayed out of the headlines for the last few years, after making news around the world for

Matthew Newton has stayed out of the headlines for the last few years, after making news around the world for his run-ins with police.

The son of television legend Bert Newton was charged with assault on three seperate occasions; twice for assaulting his girlfriends and once for assaulting a hotel receptionist in Miami.

Now, the actor and director finally seems to have turned over a new leaf and is receiving high praise for his new movie, which he directed, ‘From Nowhere’.

The movie stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Australian actress Naomi Watts and won an award at the popular South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas.

The movie is set on the US/Mexico border and tells the story of a teacher who tries to help three exceptional students in her school who are illegally residing in the United States.

It is a change of pace for Matthew who nearly derailed is career after struggling with drug and alcohol abuse and the shocking assault of his high-profile girlfriends.

In 2006 he was charged after assaulting Neighbours star Brooke Satchwell, and in 2010 actress Rachel Taylor took out an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) against him.

While many people are happy to see the young star finding success again after struggling with personal issues for so many years, other are weary of awarding praise to someone who has proven to be violent towards women in the past.

They say there is a double standard when it comes to famous people, who sometimes seem to be able to get away with bad behaviour without suffering from any consequences.

Meanwhile, supporters say everyone deserves a second chance and are happy to see him doing so well again.

What are you thoughts?

Are you glad to see Matthew Newton finding success again? Or, is there a double standard with famous people where bad behaviour gets rewarded?

  1. Kath  

    “Good on you Mathew”

    • Rex Leverington  

      You bet he deserves a second chance.

  2. Michelle  

    I am very happy he has changed his life around, everyone deserves a second chance. Stay strong Matthew ..

  3. Lorraine Fraser  

    Congratulations Mathew..great to see photo of you & Bert together..

  4. Gail  

    I am pleased that he has turned over a new leaf only time will tell. I am happy for his parents as this would be hard on them. I’m against violence towards women its out of control its becoming the new trend. But violence of any form is becoming an epidemic. Let’s hope he does well and I wish him success.

  5. Joy  

    I will wait till next time he beats up on a woman

    • Carol A Miller  

      Joy Mathew seems to have gone through a bad time and is trying to start again. So don’t be so negative. Give the boy a chance. I think of the parents as well and how it must have been such a worry and heartache for them. Let’s just hope it works out and he can get his act together.

  6. Gai Duff  

    Everyone deserves a second chance.Please show everyone you deserve this especially your parents.GOOD LUCK !

  7. Keith Draper  

    He is a complete wanker, living on his fathers fame. there is only one Newton family great , and that is Bert, the rest of the Newton family are rubbish.

    • Deb  

      Don’t like any of them…Bert is the biggest wanker of them all.

  8. Liz Tant  

    All the best to Mathew and his parents.mental illness is difficult for people to understand.Sympathy to those who suffer from it and those who are victims.nobody wins.

  9. Alexandra Warner  

    An amazing talent is back on track. Good for you Mathew

  10. Lauris Drummond  

    Mathew every one makes mistakes but it takes a Man to turn their life around. Good luck and I hope every thing turned out okay. Say hello to Bert.

  11. Chris  

    He deserves another chance and I hope he succeeds. Stay on the right track Matthew!

  12. Denise Elms  

    Everyone deserves a second chance. Pray that he can make a go of it.

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