Barbra Streisand and Judy Garland singing a duet will melt your heart

They don’t make them like they used to! In 1963 Judy Garland hosted ‘The Judy Garland Show’ – a variety

They don’t make them like they used to!

In 1963 Judy Garland hosted ‘The Judy Garland Show’ – a variety production where the Hollywood legend invited guests to sing, dance and appear in comedic skits with her.

The show was a hit from day one, but one of the most memorable moments was when Judy invited showbiz newbie Barbara Streisand to sing a duet with her.

While Barbara had already found some success with her song Happy Days, she was still relatively unknown throughout the world.

Judy is said to have recognised her talent and to have been a huge admirer and supporter of Barbara’s from day one.

She asked Barbara to come on the show and even wrote the musical arrangement for the mashup of their two songs – Barbara’s Happy Days and Judy’s Get Happy.

Those who were in the studio the night it was filmed have said there was a kind of magic in the air when they sang together, with each giving it there all and working beautifully together.

The stunning duet is a far cry from a lot of the music on the radio these days, with a lot of artists unfortunately relaying on auto-tune and computers to make their voices sound better.

There’s no need for that when it comes to Barbara and Judy though – it’s just pure raw talent and we love it!

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Are you a fan of Barbara and Judy? Do you think we need more music like this in the world?

  1. Rose McCarthy  

    Yeah we should have more music love the antics your team get up to so I share with a lot of different groups so let’s respect the sounds are that we heard when we were growin up lovin it long time faaxxxooo

  2. I saw this on television in Tucson, Arizona in 1963 it was awesome and I havn’t seen it again until today. Thank you for posting this


  3. Anne Arentz  

    Bloody amazing , wish we had more music like this ….

  4. Christine Campbell  

    More than the singing is the mutual admiration and the willingness of Judy Garland to mentor a young singer and to compliment her. So gracious and giving. Makes me angry to remember how badly she was treated by so many people.

  5. martin  

    It’s Barbra not Barbara! please!

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