Australia implicated in ‘worst baby name ever’

If you have a teen or tween-aged granddaughter then you will have heard of the band One Direction, which leaves

If you have a teen or tween-aged granddaughter then you will have heard of the band One Direction, which leaves today’s girls screaming in the streets.

While One Direction have toured Australia a number of times, we had no idea of the impact Australia must have made on one band member at least.

Louis Tomlinson became a father for the first time yesterday, announcing the news to the world the way any 24-year-old might: via Twitter.

But it was the choice of name that had everyone talking: the baby is called Sydney Rain.

Anyone who loves Sydney (the city) knows that it’s not at its best during drizzle, but that’s the name the boy will be given, according to the Sun newspaper.

Tomlinson is certainly not the first pop star to give his child an unusual name (we’re looking at you, Bob Geldof). How do you think you’d react to being told your new grandson was called Sydney Rain?

What do you think of the name Sydney Rain? Love it or hate it?


  1. don  


    • No big deal…one of the chaps from One Direction named his son ‘Sydney Rain’. Considering that Sydney (the city) was named after a person in the first place I don’t know what the fuss is about!

    • Nor are we huge One Direction fans, either. It’s now half as bad as naming your child North with a surname of West…that was cruel!!

  2. Not sure about “Rain” but Sydney is an old fashioned name. My Dad’s name was Ronald Sydney 🙂

  3. I think you are overthinking this one. Sydnee, Sidney or any spelling variation is a very popular name here in Canada. And Rain is getting popular because of actors named that. I don’t mind it at all.

    • Totally agree – both names have been around for a long time, with numerous spelling variations, and can be used for either boy or girl. It’s a long way off being the worst name I have ever heard.

  4. Chris  

    Twenty one years ago – when my son was born – I was in a room with a 17 year old whipper snapper of a girl who gave birth to a son and named him Thunder Storm. Unbelievable………

  5. I see nothing wrong with that at all, although I did have the impression that Rain was a girls name, but then again the name we chose for one of our sons, we were told, lovely masculine name for a boy, within months so many girls we heard of had the same name (spelled the same way too)

  6. Dianne Evans  

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