At 66, Richard Gere finds new love and just couldn’t stop nuzzling her

Richard Gere has always been the favourite of many thanks to his charming looks and at 66, it does not

Richard Gere has always been the favourite of many thanks to his charming looks and at 66, it does not appear like he going to slow down.

At the 62nd Taormina Film Festival opening event which is dedicated to eradicating homelessness, Richard Gere couldn’t look happier as he walked with 33-year-old girlfriend Alejandra Silva.

Richard couldn’t keep his hands off the Spanish socialite and instead of being shy, they were photographed kissing and nuzzling closely. However, during the event, he did appear to be slight red-faced as Alejandra whispered something into his ear.

They were again photographed walking along the historic city streets in smart casual wear, while holding hands.

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Daily Mail reports, it’s believed the duo were seeing one another for at least a year before going public with their romance at the event.

Alejandra who is a publicist attended Leweston School in Dorset, UK, and is described in local press as a regular among Madrid’s glitterati and Spanish aristocracy.

Although Richard and Alejandra have been together for a year, she is reported as being the estranged wife of Govind Friedland, son of American mining magnate Robert Friedland. Together the pair have a young son, Albert.

As for Richard, he announced he was divorcing wife Carey Lowell of 11 years in September 2013, but the two are yet to finalise their divorce.

Some people say that Richard is just too old for this while others think that it’s never too late to find love. Whatever it is, we’re definitely still in love with Richard.

Do you agree that age is just a number? What do you think of Richard’s new love?

  1. Kay Hill  

    Go for it Richard! No shame in showing your affection! Age doesn’t matter either in a relationship as long as you are compatible.

  2. Angie B  

    A lot of blokes would call him a lucky man. I certainly think that she is a lucky woman! Love is wonderful at any age.

  3. Bob Perry  


  4. I say go for it… lucky girl… but the age difference, how long will it last… but none of my business, or any one else,,, wish my husband would show a bit more affection , but I suppose at the age of 74yrs and married 53yrs. says he been there done that!!!!

  5. Gail  

    Someone wrote to be his pillow slip. I’ll be his bar of soap. Love is good at any age

  6. Chris  

    All I can say is lucky lucky girl. Richard Gere is still as gorgeous as he ever was at any age.

  7. Never ever too old, if the connection is there & you “get” one another, age is not an issue. My new luv is 69, me 66. We’re having a ball.

  8. Annie Grant.  

    66? He’s not exactly a geriatric is he….so much envy…lucky man.

  9. Jean  

    Never too old for a new relationship I am 79 and my new partner is 82 and we could not be happier

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