Are you trying too hard to keep up with Gen Y and technology?

Do you feel technology is doing your head in? Are you finding that no sooner do you master (good on

Do you feel technology is doing your head in? Are you finding that no sooner do you master (good on you if you do) Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, up pops Periscope? And that’s just social media – what about the latest versions of the iPhone, Android and anything else? Plus a whole host of apps which are supposed to make your life much easier!

You don’t need to ‘know it all’ or ‘have it all’. In fact, it’s time to clear out the clutter and just focus on what social media or technology you need for your business and your life. The simpler the better.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the range of choices and people advising you to ‘do this’ and ‘get that’.

An example is managing your time. I see many people including the younger ones using all sorts of gadgets, apps etc. to help run their lives, yet a simple thing like being punctual, remembering to follow-up and doing what you promised just doesn’t happen.

At the risk of sounding ‘old school’, in many instances pen and paper (including a paper diary) actually works. My kids are Gen Y’s (born between 1981 – 1994), both are tech savvy and both use a paper diary! They tried the electronic way to manage their time effectively and went back to the old way. They are both very organised, reliable and punctual!

As a baby boomer business owner you do have to adapt and change with the times, just make sure you do it for the right reasons and not just to keep up with the Gen Y’s. Maybe it’s time to simplify your life?

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  1. My niece set me up for twitter. Now she lives 720 k away. Next visit she’ll have to show me what to do with it.

  2. The technology is amazing and I would go as far as to say for me personally I would be lost without it, I have been using iPhone since the first one came out and it made my job and life so much easier as not a day goes by without me using the diary for all my appointments, and then it even reminds me when the appointments are due. I would just recommend to anyone struggling with it to take your time and practice every opportunity you get, then all of a sudden it will just click and you will be able to cope with it because it really is easy.

    • It’s all exciting Trish, I luv using FB as my kids live overseas keeps us in touch daily as with my family in UK. Gone are the days of air mail letters a brief phone calls that cost a fortune – life is exciting guess lots of us luv the challenge still😃

    • The technology is user friendly these days I have a friend that was terrified of it until last year when I showed her how to do several things the easy way, now she is willing to try anything. At times a may get a call because she thinks she has done something wrong. I have then explained over the phone what to do, and now she is helping some of her friends.

  3. Best thing to do….turn it off, go outside, meet your neighbors, go for a walk, have your gun sights celebrated, know your munition supplier by his first name, etc……

    • Good idea, they might know some tech genius. Every time I try to get clever and work something out, costs a bomb in extra data fees.

    • You can still do whatever you want, you are not being forced in any way. I must admit it is a bit addictive though.

    • Leone O’Sullivan yes, this is important if the wind changes it throws off the trajectory of the bullet and u mite hit your neighbor instead of the perpetrator u have been aiming at…

  4. I love Facebook but rarely use Twitter. We share around photos using Dropbox, I use the notes function on my phone for my shopping list. What I find more frustrating is things like TVs that are superseded the moment you bring them home and set them up.

  5. Just love my iPhone and really love my IPAD. it’s amazing. If you were a lonely person ( I’m not ) this would give you a new life ,a great interest. ,I don’t play games on it ,I think there is scrabble etc ,but so great to ‘google ‘ everything about your travels ,peoples reviews of every hotel or airline in the world. Etc. I assure you if you haven’t got one. You will really love it

  6. Luv luv technology. iPhone is my best friend😃Lap top is great for researching and emails etc. I am lucky enough to hv a smart son who loves to encourage his mum with challenges today. As I say to friends who are scared of computers and smart phones – never too old to learn. Googling everything at our finger tips just brilliant. As I travel a lot nothing better than researching data on places to visit hotels etc. amazing and makes life so much fun😃

  7. No, I don’t have a problem with it, other than the occasional difficulty thinking like a programmer! 🙂

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