Man, 76, brutally beaten by three women in traumatic home invasion

A 76-year-old was targeted in a home invasion in Tasmania earlier this week. Source: Getty

A 76-year-old man has been left battered and bruised following a “traumatising” home invasion in Tasmania.

The man was assaulted by three women at his home in the small town of Fingal, in the state’s east, in the early hours of Tuesday morning in what has been described as a “terrifying” aggravated armed robbery.

The victim suffered multiple non-life-threatening injuries and is recovering in hospital, while only a small amount of property was stolen.

Speaking to the ABC following the attack, Acting Detective Inspector Parker said the three women worked together to beat the man before unsuccessfully robbing him. The women then demanded money and when the man was unable to give them any, they punched and kicked him with a wooden object of some kind and attempted to tie him up.

“He fought them off as much as he could, he punched and kicked them, it’s quite possible that they may have some bruising and injuries on their bodies,” Parker told the news outlet.

“He’s had smashed teeth, a significant laceration to his head and has bruising on his body.”

Parker described the shocking incident as “traumatic” and “terrifying” for the victim, especially considering his size.

“It would be a very significant ordeal for this particular gentleman, it would be very traumatising for him,” he added.

Tasmania Police has confirmed the incident was isolated, claiming it appears those involved were known to each other. The main offender is described as being around 50 years old with a solid build, while the second is aged between 30 and 40 and the third between 20 and 30.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers.

The shocking incident follows reports earlier this year of a heartless thief stealing from an elderly woman. On February 21, a woman was spotted stealing from the 98-year-old at a supermarket in the suburb of Fremantle, Western Australia, grabbing her purse straight out of her trolley.

In CCTV footage obtained by the police, the culprit can be seen lurking by the woman’s trolley waiting for the perfect moment to take her belongings. Just as the elderly woman turned to grab an item, the thief quickly took the purse and dashed away. As she was leaving the supermarket she handed the purse to a male accomplice.

“Around 12.30pm on Thursday 21 February 2019, a 98-year-old woman was shopping in a supermarket on Cantonment Street Fremantle when she lent away from her trolley to remove an item from a shelf in the fridge section,” Western Australia Police Force said in a statement.

“At the exact moment, a woman reached into the lady’s trolley and removed a purse out of the handbag. As the woman left the store, the purse was handed to the man.”

What are your thoughts on these kinds of attacks against the elderly? Is there a way to stop them?

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