Corded vacuum cleaners more reliable than cordless models: Study

A new study has found corded vacuum cleaners are the most effective. Source: Getty

Planning to replace that old, tired vacuum cleaner? Corded vacuum cleaners may seem old-fashioned to some, but if you’re considering swapping one for a cordless model, you might want to think again.

A new study by UK consumer magazine Which? has found that corded vacuums outperform the cordless variety when it comes to cleaning up mess around the house. While there’s no denying cordless vacuums are convenient, more than a third of the cordless models tested were found to be so unreliable they were ranked in the don’t buy category.

The magazine found on average corded models clean better on all floor surfaces than cordless vacuums. In fact, the average dust pick up on floorboards or tiles for corded vacuums is 99 per cent compared to just 60 per cent for cordless models. Meanwhile, the average dust pick up on carpet for corded vacuums is 70 per cent compared to just 41 per cent for the cordless variety.

However, the gap is only marginal on laminate floors, and cordless vacuums tend to be a lot better at sucking up large crumbs.

Cordless vacuums are also more likely to be expensive — the average price of a best buy corded vacuum is £240 (AU$450) while cordless best buy vacuums average at around £300. Not to mention, one of the don’t buy cordless models cost more than £400.

The magazine also found most cordless models come with a warranty of just two years, compared to five years on some corded models.

Based on the research, 93 per cent of of vacuum cleaners from the most reliable corded vacuum brand tested last for at least three years fault-free, compared to 85 per cent for the best cordless brand. Even after seven years, 90 per cent of models from the top corded brand were still fault-free.

If don’t enjoy having to empty your vacuum or clean the filters, keep in mind that cordless vacuums have a smaller dust capacity so they need to be emptied and cleaned more often to prevent blockages that can affect the vacuum’s cleaning performance.

“We’ve spent countless hours putting both corded and cordless vacuums through their paces, and our years of expert testing have shown that you may you may actually be better off with a corded model, despite what changing trends in the market might suggest,” Harry Rose, editor of Which? magazine said, according to The Telegraph.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree with the magazine study? Do you use a corded or cordless vacuum?

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