Grant Denyer replaced by Rove McManus on Celebrity Name Game amid health issues

Grant Denyer (left - pictured earlier this year in hospital) has temporarily been replaced on Celebrity Name Game by Rove McManus. Source: and Getty

He took a leave of absence from his Dancing with the Stars hosting duties earlier this year due to illness and fans who tuned into Channel 10’s Celebrity Name Game on Monday night noticed Grant Denyer had been replaced by Rove McManus. Instead of Grant opening the show as he always does, it was Rove who kicked things off, telling the audience: “When Channel 10 decided to get a fellow Gold Logie winner to fill in for Grant, they ended up getting me, but only because Waleed and Denise Drysdale don’t fit into Grant’s blazers.”

It turns out the show was actually filmed a few weeks back and the former Sunrise star has now revealed why he was temporarily replaced. Taking to his Instagram page, the 41-year-old said: “I’m all good now but a couple of weeks ago I came back from holidays with SAVAGE Bali belly and unable to film @celebnamegameau.”

People who visit Bali are commonly affected by Bali belly – where they experience an upset stomach and diarrhoea. It’s typically caused by a change in diet and can also include other troubling symptoms including bloating, cramps, stomach pain, vomiting and nausea.

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“But the show must go on, so my boy @rovemcmanus kindly offered to jump in for a few episodes to help a brother out,” Grant continued. “I’ve been back filming for weeks but enjoy Rove’s show’s this week and get ready for his MASSIVE live return with ‘Saturday Night Rove’, starting really soon!”

He shared a video of Rove on the set of the popular quiz show – who was making fun of both his and Grant’s short height. Fans were quick to wish the father-of-two well, with one fan on Instagram writing: “I hope you are doing better. Rove is a great stand in but he’s no Grant Denyer.”

Another comment read: “My goodness Grant you are in the wars …get better soon,” while a third added: “My son got Bali belly when he went 6 months ago. Takes time to get over it.”

According to the official Celebrity Name Game Australia Facebook page, Rove will temporarily front the show for a couple of weeks. Appearing in a video, Rove simply explained that Grant was taking a break and he was stepping in for him.

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Grant, 41, had been hospitalised earlier this year after a freak backyard accident left him with a painful bulging disk in his back. The radio presenter had been using a sledgehammer to knock a star picket into the ground in his paddock when the accident occurred, leaving the star in immense pain and struggling to walk or even stand.

After being bedridden for days, the presenter was eager to get back to his hosting duties and, after getting local anaesthetic and an epidural, he was finally allowed to leave hospital. However, things took a turn for the worse when the incredible pain returned and Grant was rushed back to hospital.

He was then forced to take an additional two weeks off work and was admitted to a sports physiotherapy recovery hospital to recover from his injury. He then returned to his various hosting duties on radio and television.

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“Not real fair, but then that is life,” his wife Chezzi Denyer said at the time. “Annular Fissure or ruptured/ torn disc. It’s been quite a number of years since I’ve seen my hubby in so much pain.

“Grant has been hammering in some stakes down our paddock to hold up new trees that were blowing in the wind when it happened!”

Chezzi continued to update fans throughout Grant’s recovery and posted photos of the star from his hospital bed.

Grant is expected to return to Celebrity Name Game in a few weeks.

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