Look after your bottom line! The best-value toilet paper revealed

Apr 09, 2020
The consumer advocacy group has ranked a variety of toilet paper brands. Source: Getty.

Over the past few weeks one product has become harder to find than most, with some Aussie shoppers swiping toilet paper from the shelves at such an alarming rate that it left many others in dire need.

To combat the toilet paper shortage, strict buying restrictions were introduced in supermarkets across the country, limiting shoppers to just one pack per person. But, if you can only get your hands on one pack, you want to know you’re at least getting value for money, right?

That’s where CHOICE comes in, as the consumer advocacy group has tested a batch of the country’s most commonly purchased dunny roll, taking into consideration softness, separation and, perhaps most importantly, price. And while many of us may simply be grabbing the biggest pack available right now, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting more bang for your buck.

“The conventional logic is that a bigger pack is better value because of buying in bulk and economies of scale – but that’s not necessarily true,” says CHOICE expert Ashley Iredale. “Time and again I find that on a per-sheet basis, a smaller pack of double-length or even triple length toilet paper is cheaper than a big pack of single-length rolls”

According to CHOICE, the toilet paper product that offers the best value is Sorbent’s 4 pack of Gold 3 Ply Skin Comfort (with Vitamin E), with an overall expert rating of 80 per cent. The product scored an impressive 90 per cent when it comes to softness and will set you back just $0.49 per sheet.

Close behind with an expert score of 79 per cent was Quilton’s Gold 4 Ply Softness White (12 pack), which scored 90 per cent for softness and 86 per cent in the puncture test, but a less impressive 68 per cent for separation. However the pack has an average cost per sheet of just $0.33.

Also highly recommended were Coles’ So Soft Thick and Strong Double-Length rolls, with an expert score of 77 per cent, while Aldi’s Confidence Hypoallergenic Toilet Tissue scored 76 per cent, as did Who Gives A Crap’s 24-roll box of double-length rolls and Woolworths’ Essential White Toilet Tissue.

On the other end of the scale though were the likes of Kleenex’s Complete Clean 4 Rolls and Double Length 4 Rolls, which both scored 50 per cent. While Black & Gold’s 2 Ply 4 Roll pack scored 62 per cent.

While the lowest scoring product, according to CHOICE, was Coles 100% Recycled Toilet Tissue 2 Ply (12 rolls) with an overall expert score of just 44 per cent. It may cost just $0.21 a sheet, but it also scored a measly 3 per cent in the disintegration test.

To see the full CHOICE rankings, click here.

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