Just like grandma used to make! New trend sees traditional meals make a comeback

Feb 10, 2020
Nothing beats a home-cooked meal. Source: Getty.

If you think back to your childhood, no doubt one of the first things that comes to mind is the memory of the tasty, yet simple, meals that your mother or grandmother used to rustle up in the kitchen. You can probably still remember the feeling of excited anticipation that came over you as delicious smells wafted out of the kitchen and filled the home.

Before the days when everyone had a gluten allergy, or people leaned towards plant-based cuisine, home cooking used to be about getting sustenance through hearty and filling dishes, such as a traditional roast dinner, sweet treats such as bread and butter pudding or rich pasta dishes, depending, of course, on where your family originated from.

In recent years though, there has been a shift away from traditional home cooking as younger generations have preferred to dine out and sample more exotic, and more ‘health conscious’, options.

Now though it seems that Millennials may have finally realised that grandma knows best after all, as a new trend has seen a return to traditional home cooking in recent years. And while more and more restaurants are serving up old-favourite dishes, Aussie grannies are also setting the bar when it comes to homestyle cooking and sharing their skills on social media.

One Greek grandmother, affectionately known as ‘yia yia next door’ (yia yia is Greek for grandmother), has become an Instagram sensation thanks to the tasty, no-nonsense meals she cooks for her two young neighbours.

The grandma hands plates of home-cooked food, like meatballs, spanakopita, mousaka and more, over the fence to brothers Luke and Daniel Mancuso. The brothers set up an Instagram account in appreciation of ‘yia yia’ which boasts more than 77,000 followers and the wonderful relationship between the neighbours has gone viral.

Another grandmother making waves on social media is Nonna Paola, who became a big hit thanks to her straight-talking attitude and sense of humour. Her son started uploading videos of their light-hearted banter when she was cooking to Facebook and it didn’t take long before the nonna also became a social media star in her own right.

Nonna paola … after dinner we always have a bit of fun, tonight nonna showed off her church voice, she loves to sing in church . (Just a little fun)

Posted by Nonna Paola on Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Restaurants across the country are also embracing the trend and Open Table – an online restaurant-reservation service – has compiled a list of restaurants across the country that serve up authentic home-cooked dishes — just like grandma used to make!

Some of the best Aussie restaurants that serve homestyle meals include popular Italian eateries Gemelle (Sydney), Pompei’s (Bondi Beach), Osteria Del Mare (Burleigh Heads) and Asian fusions like Tai Tai (South Brisbane) and Kisume (Melbourne). They offer everything from classic pizzas and handcrafted pasta dishes to Asian-inspired meals.

If you fancy a Mediterranean-style dish with a modern Middle Eastern twist a visit to Sydney’s Kepos Street Kitchen is a must, while C’est Bon in Cairns brings a true taste of France. Other restaurants that serve up traditional dishes include Mamasita in Melbourne, which focuses on Mexican dishes, showcasing traditional and modern techniques, and Harbourside Bar & Kitchen in Cairns, a world-class dining destination that offers a vast menu of wholesome, hearty meals just like your grandma would make.

We can see why homestyle meals our grandmothers once made are making a comeback. Not only does it save you a ton of money, but homestyle eating is also healthier, saves time and brings the whole family together — not to mention, home-cooked meals taste a whole lot better! In fact, people who eat home-cooked meals on a regular basis tend to be happier and healthier and consume less sugar and processed foods.

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What meals did your granny cook?

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