Singer, 12, nails Aretha Franklin hit a cappella after backing music fails

Ansley Burns, 12, wowed with her incredible performance of an Aretha Franklin hit on America's Got Talent. Source: YouTube/ America's Got Talent

A young girl has shocked judges with an amazing performance of an Aretha Franklin hit, after being forced to sing the famous song twice during her audition on America’s Got Talent.

Ansley Burns, 12, had spent years dreaming about performing on the talent show so when she took to the stage to sing ‘Think’, she could barely contain her excitement. However, it sadly didn’t go to plan at first, as the confident girl was made to perform her song for a second time without a backing track.

While her voice impressed judges initially, Simon Cowell stopped the music part way through, claiming the music in the background was not doing her any justice.

“Where’d they get this track from?” Cowell could be heard asking fellow judge Julianne Hough in the footage, while Ansley showed off her skills.

It was at that point that the judge ordered the behind-the-scenes crew to stop the music so he could address the issue.

“Sorry babe,” Cowell said to the young music star. “I don’t think this backing track is working for you. I mean it was a horrible, horrible backing track. I don’t think we can judge you properly on this, I really don’t.

He added: “We really like you, but that was terrible.”

The camera then panned to a nervous Ansley who had a look of utter shock on her face.

“I’m wondering if we can do a verse and chorus a capella?” To which an incredibly nervous Ansley replied: “Um..”

A thoughtful Cowell, obviously noticing the young girl had been caught off guard, then offered Ansley some of his water to help ease her nerves.

“I haven’t had any of this,” he ensured her. “This will help. It’s like magic water, it’s yours.”

After taking a sip of water and placing the cup to the side Ansley announced: “Okay, uh, um, well that just happened.”

The 12-year-old worked up her courage and with a small moment’s silence, began to sing the Aretha song from the start without any music to support her. Despite the initial nerves, Ansley belted out the tune with much confidence, with the crowd getting to their feet and clapping her along.

It was an emotional moment for the talented performer who choked back tears once finished as the judges clapped on in support, while Cowell gave her a big thumbs up to show his approval.

Ansley has been praised for her confidence and never-give-up attitude, with many leaving comments of support online.

“Her personality was amazing,” one person wrote on YouTube. “She’s so young but amazing self control.”

“Beautiful girl. Has a wonderful positive energy. How wonderful and amazing. I wish from the bottom of my heart for you to be a famous and great star,” another said.

While a third added: “I like the way she handled the moment. She will go a long way… confidence and courage.”

What did you think of the performance? Do you like watching talent shows?

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