Studio 10 star Jono Coleman confesses he was arrested twice

Studio 10 star Jono Coleman has hilariously revealed that he's been arrested twice, leaving his co-stars in complete shock. Source:

He’s the loveable host of Studio 10 adored by fans all across Australia and on Friday’s episode of the hit show, Jono Coleman revealed he has been on the wrong side of the law.

Chatting with co-stars Sarah Harris, Joe Hildebrand and Angela Bishop about a 104-year-old woman who achieved her dream of being arrested, the 63-year-old confessed that he had previously been in trouble with the police. In fact, he explained he had been arrested two times.

“Yes I have been arrested,” the radio star admitted to his shocked colleagues. “Actually, twice.”

The father-of-two admitted he once got arrested in the United Kingdom with Richard Branson for a “stupid radio punt”.

“A stupid radio punt, prank, taking some sheep into a live radio show from BBC One’s rival breakfast program,” he revealed.

When asked by Harris what the crime was, Coleman explained: “Taking wildlife across a busy road and releasing them in a crowd. Three sheep. I got arrested but then I got let free.”

Bishop joked that Coleman was “bad” and made a noise like a sheep, much to the delight of the studio audience.

He then confessed his second arrest took place in Tasmania during protested for the proposed Gordon-below-Franklin Dam. He said he got arrested and fined $17 for trespassing.

Harris was curious as to whether Coleman had “cuffs slapped on” during the arrest in Tasmania.

“In Tasmania they were fantastic,” he admitted. “They just said, ‘Excuse me, have you been arrested yet?’”

He confirmed to his co-hosts he was fingerprinted, but thankfully wasn’t strip-searched. Harris was amazed by the story.

“I love that you can pull out a story like, ‘Oh yeah, that time I got arrested with Richard Branson’,” she explained.

Coleman went on to say that Branson called him a “naughty boy” for getting in trouble, but praised him for getting on the front page of many national newspapers.

It’s not the first time the star has left his co-hosts and audience members at home in fits of laughter. Earlier this year, Harris couldn’t stop laughing when she looked at Coleman’s internet search history live on air.

“This is what Jono has searched in the past 24 hours,” she informed viewers while trying to hold back laughter. “Whiskey from Scotland, Groucho Club, rare antiques and collectables.”

She took a short break before bursting into laughter once again and adding: “And there were seven Google searches of Jono Coleman”.

It was at this point that Coleman motioned to Harris to hand back his phone.

“And also my sister who’s just having her birthday — she’s getting an antique scotch with some water on the side,” he added.

The snippet of the show was shared online, with fans commenting how he was a “legend” and a “good sport”.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you ever been arrested?

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