Hundreds of children perform haunting rendition of ‘You Raise Me Up’

American vocal artist Peter Hollens and 200 children perform one of the most haunting a cappella performances on the web today. Source: Hollens

It’s one of the world’s most beautiful songs that has been covered by hundreds singers over the years, but this may be the most inspiring rendition of ‘You Raise Me Up’ to date.

More than 200 children have joined American vocal artist Peter Hollens for a haunting performance of the classic song. While everyone from Westlife to Josh Groban and Human Nature has covered the iconic track in the past, Hollens and the children have delivered an a cappella version of it.

A cappella is a genre of music that isn’t accompanied with instruments. In the clip, Hollens and the children use their voices to replicate the sounds the instruments would usually make. It’s resulted in something that is truly magical.

Using some cinema magic, the clip begins with five versions of Hollens appearing on screen, demonstrating how he uses his voice to mimic the sound of instruments. By the end of the first chorus, he’s then singing in a theatre with the 200 children who all show off their incredible voices. As the song progresses, Hollens’ vocals blend perfectly with those of the students, building up to the epic conclusion.

The children are part of a number of A cappella groups in the Oregon area including Soundcheck, Echo, InTune, Counterpoint, Microphonics, Aca-Word and The Green Note.

Fans were quick to share their delight in the song.

One person on YouTube wrote: “This was truly touching. Like so many have said before me; you’re a real inspiration. You’re so much more than just a singer, or an artist, or a youtuber. You’re light and love and goodness and we need more people like you. Thank you so much for this wonderful cover, Peter. God bless you and all these wonderful, talented kids!”

Another comment read: “The light you give to people of all sorts is like a spotlight in a dark, dank, unforgiving world. Thank you for shining on Peter.”

A third added: “The pure emotion that is shown. You don’t see that often. This is amazing.”

Meanwhile, Hollens said it was the tragic Christchurch shootings that inspired him to post the latest video online.

“I am at a complete loss after seeing what happened last night in New Zealand,” he wrote on YouTube. “I cannot unsee the live video that I accidentally stumbled upon…. I will never comprehend the hate and anger in these horrendous acts of violence. I will never accept them, We are all humans. We are all equal….Only light and love belongs here.”

He explained that watching the children sing brought tears to his eyes, but also gave him hope for the future.

“I have two young children… and I need to believe that they will be safe, that they will be brought into a world that believes in love and peace and equality,” he added.

What did you think of the performance? What is your favourite version of ‘You Raise Me Up?’

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