Michael Buble admits he’s not sure he’s brave enough to face son’s cancer again

Michael Buble has opened up about his son's cancer diagnosis. Source: Getty

Michael Buble has admitted he still gets anxious when his five-year-old son Noah – who was diagnosed with cancer in 2016 – has to go for check-ups, as he revealed he and his wife aren’t sure they would be “brave enough” to face their son’s cancer battle again.

The singer and his wife Luisana Lopilato were left devastated when Noah was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer in 2016. Michael immediately stepped away from the limelight in the years that followed to support his son through every stage of his treatment and subsequent recovery.

Now, speaking to Pop Culture Beast, the 43-year-old singer said: “We were in the car yesterday and I looked at her, and said, ‘Would you do it all over again’? She then answered, ‘Of course I would do it all over again. I wouldn’t want anything different. You guys are the greatest joy of my life’.

“But then my question to her was, ‘But would you be brave enough to do it all over again’? And then she said, ‘I don’t know’. And I would have to say the same thing. I don’t know.”

He added: “We have to take him every three months for check ups, and it’s really scary … One of the first things a doctor told me at one of the hospitals we’d gone to was to stay strong and help each other through this.”

The couple, who met in 2009 while filming Michael’s video for single Haven’t Met You Yet, confirmed the youngster was making a good recovery at the end of last year, with Michael describing the period as an emotional rollercoaster.

Speaking to Aussie TV presenter Richard Wilkins in an interview for the Today show in October 2018, the dad-of-three revealed the full extent of the couple’s grief at the time – and even admitted he hasn’t used social media, read a report about himself or watched an interview back ever since, in an effort to distance himself from the “narcissistic” side of the showbiz industry.

“It sucked and it still sucks, because what we went through was the, capital T-H-E, the worst possible thing that you could hear as a parent and as maybe a human being,” he said of the moment he found out Noah had cancer.

“I much rather it would have been me. Many times I wish that it had been. Look it’s impossible, there were a million times that my wife and I were surviving, struggling to survive and to breathe – and more times than people could understand, [there were] some days when we wished we didn’t wake up. When we did, we felt the love of those people.”

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