Weird overseas laws that you might not have realised

Laws in certain countries are aways straight-forward, or make a lot of sense! Sometimes laws are kept for many years without changing, but are still enforced!

We’ve found some of the most bizarre laws around the world – be careful!

Do you have any others to add?

1. Do not chew gum in Singapore – it has been banned for 20 years.

2. You can be fined up to $700 for using yourself as a human bird perch in Venice.

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3. Featherbeds were officially made illegal in Buenos Aires because lawmakers believed “such an indulgence induces and encourages lascivious feelings”!

4. Don’t run out of petrol on the Autobahn – it is unlawful to stop for any reason other than an emergency. Running out of petrol is not considered an emergency.

5. Leave your high heels at home in Greece if you’re going to monuments – it’s illegal and could cause damage.

6. Travellers to Dubai need to honour Ramadan and not eat, drink or smoke in public during hours of fasting.

7. Don’t eat on church steps in Italy – it is an offence in Florence to eat or drink while sitting on church steps or within a church courtyard.

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8. Pack a breathalyser in France – drivers are legally required to carry a portable breathalyser in their vehicle.

9. A married woman is not allowed to have more than one glass of wine in La Paz, Bolivia.

10. Men can’t wear strapless gowns in public in Melbourne, Australia.

11. You are NOT ALLOWED to make an ugly face at a dog in Oklahoma.

12. You are not allowed to wear camouflage clothing in Barbados, unless you’re in their defense or drug forces.

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13. In Florida, a woman is only allowed to skydive on a Sunday if she’s married.

14. Only a qualified electrician is allowed to change a light bulb in Victoria, Australia

15. In Florida, it is illegal to pass wind in a public place after 6pm on Thursdays – 5.59pm is fine.

16. In England, it is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament.

17. In Oklahoma, it is against the law to have a sleeping donkey in your bathtub after 7pm.

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18. In Canada, by law, one out of every five songs on the radio must be sung by a Canadian.

19. It is forbidden to be fat in Japan – lawmakers set a maximum waistline, meaning every man aged over 40 must not have a waistline measuring over 31 inches, and every woman cannot measure over 35 inches.

20. Flushing the toilet after 10pm is illegal in Switzerland – it is considered noise pollution.

What’s the funniest law you’ve ever heard?