Take the hard work out of holiday packing with these essential tips

Packing for a holiday is a fine art and can be the difference between fitting in that extra pair of shoes or having to trek around 24/7 in the same old sneakers. Being organised is key and with a few helpful tips you can take the chaos out of it and keep your bag nice and tidy from day one to the moment you reach home again.

Make a list
You are picking up your bags, walking to the front door and getting in the car when suddenly, “my toothbrush!” Making a packing list is great way to keep track of everything you have packed and you can keep adding items as you think of them.

Don’t forget the first aid kit
You may never use this but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Don’t go crazy and being your whole medical supplied cupboard by some good things to bring include Band-Aids, painkillers, antiseptic ointment, medical tape, a medium bandage and a couple different dressings.

Observe restrictions on baggage
Thinking you’ll be fine with those couple extra kilos in your suitcase is never a good idea to bank on. Be sure to check your airline provider’s website for all weight restrictions on check-in and hand luggage. Know exactly how much your bags weight and be aware of anything you add to them.

Save bag space for all your holiday purchases
Doing a little bit of holiday shopping? Make sure to leave some space in your bag and even if you don’t think you’re going to buy anything on your trip away, always have a small allowance of extra weight and space you can allocate.

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Use ziplock bags
Keep your toiletries in ziplock bags to avoid any nasty spills. You can separate them into makeup, moisturizers, and toothbrush, toothbrush and mouthwash, so you won’t have to worry about digging through your toiletry bag to find what you need.

All valuables go in hand luggage
Airlines rarely lose luggage nowadays but don’t take the risk. It can happen and some things are much more easily replaceable than others, so keep you most valuable possessions on your person and in your hand luggage.

Don’t forget the adapters
If you’re headed overseas make sure these are at the top of your list when packing. Adaptors can be pricy at airports and hotels so be sure to get them beforehand.

Pack a spare set of clothes in your hand luggage
This is handy if you’re booked on a long flight and want to be fresh before you land or just in case your bags go missing for a couple hours. All you need is single change of clothes that will fit well in your bag.

Don’t predict the weather – check it
Rain, hail or shine you want to be prepared for what your foreign destination holds. Jump online and check the weather so that you can pack accordingly.

Mini travel toiletries
These can be your best friend on long flights or short stays. You can pick up a pre made pack up from a few different retailers and chemists or get a zip-lock bag and create one yourself. Try to fill it up with mini bottles of cosmetics that you might need.

What are your packing tips? Do you already do any of these things?