A taco-croissant mash-up exists, but would you eat it?

Move aside cronut, the tacro is set to be huge. Source: Getty

Croissant mash-ups are nothing new … first, the cronut, cruffin and then the sushi croissant took over our social media feeds. 

And, now a flaky pastry filled with taco meat and toppings is sweeping the foodie world.  Viva La Tarte, a bakery in San Francisco, has created the latest food hybrid, a tacro – a mix between a taco and a croissant.  

So, what is it? According to BuzzFeed, it’s a flaky croissant with your choice of three fillings: chile chicken with avocado, pulled pork and barbecued jackfruit (vegan meat), with a potential breakfast option in the works. Each tacro is then topped with radishes and onions and comes with green or red salsa, all for a steep price of $12. 

The tacro craze is already blowing up on social media! 

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It’s safe to say, this bakery has hit the mark with its latest creation!

The tacro craze isn’t available in Australia yet, and we’re not too sure whether that’s a good or bad thing. 

Would you try the tacro? Or do you think it’s gross?