Dame Joan Collins slams Harry and Meghan, questioning why ‘we need to give them more oxygen’

Sep 06, 2022

Dame Joan Collins is not holding back on letting the public know her views of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ahead of their first return to the UK since the Platinum Jubilee.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain, the 89-year-old Collins was asked by host Susanna Reid what she thought of another royal duchess.

“Who could that be?” Dame Joan asked. “I have no idea. Do we need to give them any more oxygen?”

Pushing on Reid told Collins that the royal couple is currently in the UK to attend a number of charity events, to which Collins simply said: “Oh really? I haven’t had a chance to read up.”

This isn’t the first time  Collins has been asked about her opinion on Meghan and Harry.

Back in 2021, in a chat with controversial TV personality, Piers Morgan, the actress was asked: “What do you make of what’s going on with the British royal family now with Meghan and Harry, the feud with William and Charles?”

“My lips are sealed on that subject,” Collins replied. “I just don’t want to go on national TV and say what I feel about Meghan and Harry because look what happened to you!”

The Sussxes arrived on Monday, September 5, ahead of Meghan’s appearance at the One Young World 2022 Summit where she is expected to give a speech on gender equality.

Her scheduled public appearances comes shortly after the release of her tell-all interview with The Cut, where the Duchess of Sussex revealed she has “made an active effort” to make peace with the Royal Family, despite claiming that her mere existence is “upsetting the dynamic” of The Firm.

When asked whether forgiveness is on the cards between Markle and Royal members, the 41-year-old revealed that she believes “forgiveness is really important”.

Since stepping down from royal duties in 2020 and the infamous Oprah Winfrey interview in 2021, the Sussexes have been mostly estranged from the Royal Family.

However, Meghan held little back in the first episode of her new podcast Archetypes, addressing the criticism she faced when she first started dating her now husband, Prince Harry.

Entertainment columnist Celia Walden from The Telegraph writes: “If the rest of the season is anything like the premiere, what we’re really going to be listening into week after week is Meghan interviewing herself.”

Following the debut of her podcast, the series has been met with mixed reviews from several listeners taking. Many took to social media claiming the Duchess podcast was “amazing” and were  “proud to see Meghan shine and put other women in the spotlight,” while others felt differently about her show.

The Times’s deputy books editor and columnist James Marriott rated the podcast one star, claiming “the podcast is a tastefully soundtracked parade of banalities, absurdities and self-aggrandising Californian platitudes.

“The effect of all the tinkly music and vapid conversation is to make you feel you’ve been locked in the relaxation room of a wellness spa with an unusually self-involved yoga instructor.”

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