Lisa Wilkinson’s surprising hack to stop mozzie bites

Host of The Project Lisa Wilkinson has revealed her top tip to stop mozzie bites from itching. Source: Getty/Pexels

Summer is here in Australia which means mosquito season is in full swing for most parts of the country. It’s said to be one of the worst mozzie seasons on record due to warm weather, rain and high tides.

On Monday’s episode of The Project, Mozzie Expert Cameron Webb explained that mosquitos are particularly attracted to people who drink beer.

“I found drinking beer makes me attractive to mosquitos and the police, funnily enough” host Peter Helliar joked.

Steve Price added: “I drink a lot of beer and I haven’t been bitten by a mosquito all year, so I’m calling fake news on that.”

Lisa Wilkinson then explained that hanging around with her is the ultimate mozzie repellent because the insects are attracted to her.

“I’m a mosquito magnet,” she confessed. “They love me, but I have the best cure for mozzie bites. On me, I itch for two weeks.”

She then revealed a special treatment that her grandmother passed down to her.

“My grandmother told me, and I did this as a kid and it works, we always had a bottle of meth,” she explained.

“That’s an extreme way to stop itching, Price joked as the studio audience erupted in laughter. Quickly realising her mistake, she pointed out that she always had a bottle of methylated spirits.

“You just put a little dab of methylated spirits on,” she continued. “It stings like the hammers of hell for half a second, but you don’t itch after that.”

Viewers at home were quick to suggest their best tips to stop mozzie bites.

One comment on Facebook read: “To stop the itching – run your hot water tap, place teaspoon under it and then press back of teaspoon firmly on the bite. Itch gone.”

Another person said: “Bicarb soda in warm water, apply with a cotton bud..neutralises the sting immediately.”

A third added: “Dab with vinegar! Works every time! Tried and tested!”

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A number of other strange treatments have also been shared across the internet. Many people claim honey works a treat for itchy bites. All you need to do is take a small amount of honey and apply it directly to the bite. Honey is said to have antibacterial properties that can help with the prevention of infection.

Another tip is using all-natural peppermint toothpaste, with people claiming it’s best to let the toothpaste dry and to leave it on the itch as long as possible for it to be effective. Meanwhile, garlic is also another popular treatment for bites.

Simply rubbing a clove of raw garlic in a bite should provide relief and the smell also repels mozzies.

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What are your thoughts? What’s the best way to stop mozzie bites in the summer? Have you ever tried methylated spirits?

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