The quick and easy camping chair hack you’ve probably never heard of

Jul 23, 2020
If you want to make your next camping trip a bit easier, why not give this simple trick a go! Source: Getty.

You will definitely have seen them before but you probably haven’t given much thought to the little holes on the feet of your camping chair. However, these little divots actually have a pretty handy use that’s great if you’re trying to stay sun safe on your outdoor adventures.

One smart traveller known as @bonktz71 recently shared a video that revealed the little-known use for these holes, allowing you to relax in peace without needing to move and chase the shade every few minutes. The video was shared to the social media platform TikTok and showed a camping chair and umbrella come together to make the ultimate relaxation pod.


Never knew this…😳#foryou #foryoupage #fyp #lifehacks

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In just three quick movements, the person behind the camera started with an open camping chair before popping open the umbrella and sliding the pole in between the armrest and the seat. Then, the cameraman fitted the base perfectly into the hole in the bottom of the chair leg, and voila – a perfect and portable chair that’s always in the shade no matter where you’re sitting!

The video was captioned: “Never knew this…” and accumulated over five million views and almost a million likes. Commenters went crazy for the new hack with one writing: “My life has forever changed for the better”.

Another said: “I’ve watched it six times now and my mind gets blown every time. I feel like everything I know is a lie” while one joked: “The amount of my brother’s soccer games I had to sit through without knowing this”.

Camping is all about making the best out of what you’ve got and this hack does just that. But for those who are on the prowl for more ways to simplify your experience in the great outdoors, there’s plenty more where that came from!

Whether it’s making your own shower with a watering can and a makeshift pulley system or avoiding the dreaded spotlight glare by pointing a headlight into a jug filled with water to filter the light – there’s no shortage of handy camping hacks out there that are guaranteed make your whole trip easier!

Meanwhile, the new video sharing app TikTok has shown no signs of slowing down when it comes to sharing different tips and tricks around the home. Recently, viewers have been educated on a range of topics including finding out how to make a gourmet dessert from a cheap Woolworths cake and even how to fill up ice cube trays without splashing water all over the joint.

Did you know about this camping hack? What other hacks have you learned about recently?

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