Daily Joke: The vacuum salesman and other ‘sucky’ jokes

Oct 29, 2021
No pressure, but we want to make sure these jokes don't suck. Source: Getty Images

A vacuum salesman knocked on a newly built home. A lady opened the door.

The salesman rushed into the home and threw scrambled eggs, hot potato chips and hot dogs on the carpet floor.

Before the lady said anything, the salesman said, “Ma’am, the vacuum I have is the best in business. I’ll vacuum every single thing and also ensure there is no odour. If I fail I’ll eat everything that’s on the floor.”

The lady then said, “Would you like some tomato sauce? Because, the house doesn’t have electricity yet.”


I feel like my purchase of a vacuum cleaner was a waste of money.

Ever since I bought all it’s done is collected dust.


Tom was not the brightest kid in his school. None of his classmates liked him. He was pnot at all bright when it came to even simplest stuff. His teacher always told him, “You’re driving me crazy”.

One day, Tom’s mother visited school and when she spoke to teacher, the teacher directly said, “Your child is absolutely dense, not only his grades are the worst but he cannot even complete the most basic tasks.”

After hearing this, Tom’s mother takes him and moves to another city.

Twenty-five years pass, and the teacher is appointed to a school in the city where Tom and his mother have been living. One day, the teacher has a severe heart attack. He needed an immediate operation and there was only one surgeon in that city who can execute it.

The teacher had his surgery. When he opened his eyes, the handsome and young surgeon was smiling back at him. As he was about to thank the surgeon, the teacher’s face starts to turn purple. He raises his hand in panic to say something, but it’s too late. He breathes his last breath. The surgeon turns around and sees that Tom has unplugged the respirator just to plug in a vacuum cleaner.

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