Daily Joke: A family of turtles decided to take picnic

Oct 31, 2021
They packed their picnic basket and headed for their favourite picnic spot. Source: Getty Images

A family of turtles decided to take picnic at the park. They packed their picnic basket full and began walking toward their favorite picnic location at the park. It takes them one week to get there.

When they arrive, they realise that they forgot the picnic blanket. They ask the littlest one to quickly go back and get it. He protests, “But you’ll eat all of the food while I’m gone!”

They assure him that they will wait for him.

The littlest turtle sets out toward home. A week passes and the family imagines that he’s made it back home by now. Another week passes and they imagine that he’ll be showing up any minute. He doesn’t show. The rest of the family begins to get very hungry, and they rationalize that he must have gotten lost. They finally decide to open the picnic basket and begin eating without him.

Suddenly the littlest one pops out from behind a rock and says, “See! I knew that you’d eat the food without me!”

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