Daily Joke: The hikers and the bear

Dec 09, 2021
The hikers were walking when they encountered the bear. Source: Getty Images

Why are climbers always depressed when they reach the top of the mountain?

‘Cause it’s all downhill from there.


A group of friends are hiking in the mountains, when they spot a bear running towards them. They frantically drop everything then start running from the bear.

However, the bear soon catches up to the slowest friend and mauls him.

The horrified friends watch in shock and disbelief as the bear feasts on their mate.

Then one of them breaks into tears sobbing. “I feel so guilty!” he said.

“It could’ve been any of us, my friend. You should not feel any shame or guilt!”

“You mean … You guys would’ve tripped him too?”


What sound does a Swiss donkey make on a mountain?


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