Daily Joke: Spreading the message of peace and love

Dec 01, 2021
Roger found himself in the Amazon spreading his message of peace. Source: Getty Images

Roger wanted to spread his message of peace, love and non-violence to the whole world, so he went to a secluded tribe in the Amazon. The tribe’s warriors were not at all keen to see him.

One ran up to him with a spear and said, “I will stab you if you don’t leave.”

Roger stood his ground, grabbed the spear, and said to the warrior, “Violence is never the answer.”

The tribal warrior looked at Roger and, sheepishly, admitted, “Okay, point taken.”


Today I made a spear and threw it to the other side of a river.

It wasn’t very productive, but at least I got my point across.


What do you call a nervous javelin thrower?


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