Daily Joke: Mr Grasshopper and Mr Centipede had plans to go jogging

Sep 25, 2021
A collection of running-related jokes to keep you laughing. Source: Getty Images

Mr Grasshopper and Mr Centipede had plans to go jogging. Mr Grasshopper knocks on Mr Centipede’s door and nobody answers.

After a coupled failed attempts Mr Grasshopper this time knocked while yelling, “Mr Centipede! You home? Hello?” Still nobody answers.

Mr Grasshopper then starts ringing the doorbell, yelling in an even louder voice, “You said 10am! Where are you?”

Mr Centipede finally comes to the door and says, “Would you stop yelling! I had to get my shoes on!”


Jogging goals

2016 — didn’t jog
2017 — didn’t jog
2018 — didn’t jog
2019 — didn’t jog
2020 — didn’t jog
2021 — still didn’t jog

Dammit. This is becoming a running joke now.


My grandma decided to start jogging for her health.

It’s been almost two years now and nobody knows where she is.


I started jogging today.

Just kidding.

I exercised restraint instead.


At the gym, I decided to hop on a treadmill.

People gave me weird looks, so I started jogging instead.

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