Daily Joke: Going on vacation and other map-related jokes

Oct 05, 2021
How exciting! A holiday. Source: Pam Patterson / Pixabay

For Christmas, I bought my husband a world map and gave him a dart. I told him to throw it and wherever it lands, we will go on vacation after this pandemic is over.

Turns out we are spending two weeks behind the fridge.


A friend of mine always helps me out with maps and diagrams, pointing out all the little symbols and what they mean …

The guy is a legend.


I got an email saying I’d won $1 million because I could read Maps backwards.

I thought to myself, “That’s just Spam.”


I walked past the charthouse on the upper deck and saw my mate Larry furiously scribbling on a map!

I just know that guy’s plotting something.


A geography teacher assigned each of his students a country to find on a map. He gave them the task of finding their assigned country on the globe and explaining to the rest of the class how it can be identified

“I can find Italy on the globe, Sir,” said James. “It’s easy because it looks like a boot.”

“Well done James,” said the teacher.

“I can find Pakistan on the globe,” said Emily. “It’s easy because it looks like a dog.”

“Well done Emily,” said the teacher.

“I can find South Africa on the globe,” says Olivia. “It’s easy because it looks like a rhino’s head.”

“Well done Olivia,” said the teacher.

“Sir,” asks Johnny, “can I have a country other than Sweden?”

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