Daily Joke: The dragon slayer

Nov 22, 2021
Nick was a successful dragon slayer, but he had a deep desire. Source: Getty Images

Once there was a dragon slayer named Nick. Nick was a wealthy man, due to the fact that there were many dragons around the kingdom that required killing. The king of the land used to pay a great price for every dragon killed. However, Nick had a deep secret. He had a desire to sleep with the queen.

One day while having a few drinks, he revealed his inner desire to his friend Horace. Horace was the king’s most trusted minister and all he desired was gold. He made a deal with Nick, saying that he would give Nick an opportunity to sleep with the queen in return for 1,000 gold coins. Nick agreed.

The next day while the queen was taking a bath, Horace went to the room where the queen’s clothes were laid out and put some itching powder in her bra. The queen started itching and wailing in agony and the king promised a hefty reward to any man who can put an end to the pain.

Horace had given Nick the antidote, told him to put it on his tongue and lick away. Nick showed up in the King’s court and said that he could cure her if he had a few hours alone with her, the king had no other choice but to agree. Nick had his fun and the queen was healed. The king rewarded Nick quite handsomely and sent him on his way.

When Horace showed up at Nick’s doorstep the following day demanding the gold coins he was promised, Nick wasn’t willing to pay. He said Horace could do nothing or else both of them would be in serious trouble. Horace warned Nick of dire consequences, but to no avail.

The next day, while the king was taking a bath, Horace placed some itching powder in the King’s underwear.

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