Daily Joke: A rabbit, a fox and a bear enlist in the army

Oct 17, 2021
The animals had enlisted in the army. Source: Getty Images

A rabbit, a fox and a bear enlist in the army. None of the three are very happy about it and the only chance they have to avoid it is by being rejected during the medical exam. As they wait at the doctor’s office their desperation builds until right before it’s the rabbit’s turn.

The rabbit turns to the fox: “Fox I might have a plan, bite off my ear, trust me on this one!”

The fox does so and the rabbit enters the office. A few moments later, he gets out yelling “I was rejected guys!”

“Because of your ear?” they ask.

“Yes, because without it I can’t detect the enemy as well,” says Rabbit.

“Good thinking.”

And with that in mind the fox turns to the bear, “Rip my tail off!”

The bear doesn’t even hesitate and does so. Then the fox takes his turn in the office. After a while he comes back yelling, “I am rejected too! Without my tail, they said, I can’t be as sneaky and agile as I need to be.”

Now it was the bears turn to ask, “Quickly guys knock out all of my teeth, because a bear without teeth isn’t scary at all!”

The rabbit and the fox start beating the muzzle of the bear, completely breaking his face until there is no tooth is left in his mouth. He then proceeds to go inside the doctor’s office. Not long after he gets out he shouts “Rejecwew!”

“Nice” they say. “Because of your teeth, right?”

“Nwo,” says the bear. “Fey faid I waf too fat for duty.”

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