Daily Joke: A man goes into a public toilet

Aug 15, 2021
He needed to use a public toilet. Source: Getty Images

Jed goes into a public toilet. He’s barely sat down in the cubicle when he hears a voice say, “Hi, how are you?”

Feeling a little embarrassed, Jed says politely, “Well I guess I’m doing fine, thank you!”

The voice then responds, “So what are you up to?”

Jed is even more embarrassed, but once again he responds politely, “Well, just like you, I’m sitting here trying to get a load off my mind.”

He then hears the voice say, “Hey, can I come over?”

Jed is now extremely embarrassed and starting to get slightly irritated too, so he snaps back, “Look, surely you understand I’m a bit busy right now!”

At this point he hears the voice say, “Jane, listen, I’ll have to call you back. There’s an idiot in the next cubicle who keeps responding to all my questions!”

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