Daily Joke: A man buys a bird from a pet shop

Nov 02, 2021
This was one tough parrot! Source: Getty Images

A man walks into a pet shop. He says to the staffer behind the desk, “Show me a pet like nobody else has!”

The employee thinks for a moment and says, “Well, I do have this parrot.”

“Forget it,”, says the man, “anyone can have parrot.”

“But not this one, this one is special!”

The man takes a look at the parrot, sitting in his cage and the parrot says, “I’m the toughest of them all! No one can mess with me!”

The man is delighted and buys the parrot. But back home, all day long the parrot continued his rambling: “I’m so tough! I could take on anyone!”

The parrot’s getting on the man’s nerves, so he says, “We’ll see about that!”

He buys a pigeon and puts it in the cage. The next morning, the pigeon lies dead on the cage floor, and the parrot says, “Who was that? What kind of weakling did you bring here?”

The man gets annoyed at the birds attitude, so he buys a hawk and puts it in with him. The next morning, the hawk is dead and the parrot says, “I told you, I’m the hardest of the hard! No one can beat me!”

The man, now fully enraged, buys an eagle and locks it in with the parrot.

The next day, the eagle is dead, but the parrot is missing all his feathers.

“Oh! Been a little rough last night?”, asks the man smugly.

The parrot replies: “Yeah, he was a little tough. I had to take my jacket off!”

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