Sunrise host David ‘Kochie’ Koch goes head to head with ‘ridiculous’ climate protester

Mar 25, 2022
David Koch wasted no time in confronting the protester. Source: Getty Images.

Sunrise host David “Kochie” Koch has blasted yet another guest during a live interview, this time taking a climate protester to task after they suspended themselves above a freight rail line in Sydney.

Emma Dorge, 25, took her spot above the freight line in Sydney’s Port Botany on Friday morning, March 25 allegedly blocking access for trains that were entering and leaving.

Koch wasted no time in confronting the protester asking Dorge “why do you think you’ve got the right to disrupt other people’s lives?”

“What gives you the right to decide to make people late for work or late getting to a hospital or school just because you’re antsy about something?” he asked.

Dorge was quick to fire back claiming the protest hadn’t “disrupted a commuter rail line.”

“The reason why we need to do this, and it’s not fun, is because without this disruption we’re not being listened to,” Dorge said.

“Everybody’s future is at stake.”

Following a heated exchange between the pair where Koch accused Dorge of being “arrogant”, Koch then asked Emma if she was a “good swimmer” as the “authorities” could just “clip the rope” that was holding her above the freight line.

“You’ve only got water below you there, it would be a pretty soft landing,” he said.

Dorge accused Koch of being “distasteful” with his question.

“We got you up because we just wanted to hear from a pest and what they looked and sounded like,” Koch told her before ending the interview.

“I’d just snip the wires. It’s ridiculous.”

It’s not the first time Koch has clashed with a guest, earlier this month, Koch ripped into Peter Dutton on-air over the Defence Minister’s ’embarrassing’ response to the recent floods in Lismore, New South Wales. (March 7)

In an interview on Sunrise on Tuesday, March 7, Kochie criticised Dutton for leaving “ordinary Australians” in Lismore, NSW, to fend for themselves as many residents remained isolated as a result of the recent floods.

The Sunrise host also recently clashed with Prime Minister Scott Morrison on-air after the Prime Minister didn’t play along with the morning show host’s attempt to end the segment on a “light-hearted” note.

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